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    5 coaches needed

    in regards to his poor playing performances, didn't it get revealed he was playing with an injury until the devils could find a replacement which allowed him to step down from playing?
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    Who we want and don’t want back for next season

    Kozun is a very capable goal tender when he is on form and I'm sure he is only going to get better but if carruth is replaced by an import, that will be 2 import slots used on goaltenders again
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    Giants Vs Devils - Play-Off Final - 1st May 2022

    Would liove to see brandt stay plays the game with passion and intensity and always gives 100%
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    Playoff Weekend

    I know eihl and eiha are separate but seems as there so many seats left maybe they could offer discounted tickets to junior clubs registered with eiha
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    Programmes superleague/BNL era

    I have a collection of programmes from the early 2000s..I was wondering if there is anyone that collects programmes that would be interested in them?