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    Ben O’Connor .....

    At least O'Connor will be playing some hockey. The Team GB coach surely has bigger worries...... what about all the eligible GB players who may not be playing any hockey at all this season?

    New Devils coach found!

    Wow. This is exciting. Guessed there may have been a connection with one or two of our players. Apart from his varied playing and coaching experiences, our new Coach will also have tremendous knowledge of existing players and prospects in the North American system/playing in Europe. Welcome to...

    Richardson Jersey for sale (Game worn)

    Have sent you a pm.

    New Devils coach found!

    Wouldn't be surprised in the least the the new coach, when announced, is someone we already know. The PR says this person is new to this country.... would that mean new to the UK in a coaching capacity? The Ownership and the Club expound, promote and achieve success. But the culture at the Club...

    Bownsy at Graz

    So easy to blame the goalie isn't it? How good are the Team's defensive play and special teams? Major considerations. We've seen for ourselves many games at the IAW when an opposition goalie has played exceptionally well but his team has lost. Matt Ginn (Storm) comes to mind. Even CJ Motte...

    Pope calls it a day

    A player criticised for his drop in play in season 2. Commendably fought back from season 2 injury and found a role last season where he played well when fit. Injury prone and didn't achieve the consistency of his first season here. Matt still made his contribution to the team that won the...

    Todd's statement

    This is just the sort of positive imaginings we need to focus on when we get frustrated about a hockey-less season. That first game, whenever it happens, will be special. If we think we are down and frustrated, imagine how TK and Owners must be feeling. Doing a fantastic job in v difficult...

    Duggan departs to Sweden

    And Sam speaks Swedish and understands the leagues and style having played there for 4 years earlier. Great move and hopefully the icetime he craves.

    Mosey moves on

    The bottom line is that these guys need to be employed and playing meaningful hockey. This is particularly important for our Team GB players who are likely to be selected for the World's squad next year. A year of not playing could really impact on career development and fitness levels...
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    And now it's Richie

    British players need to keep playing this season, particularly if the World's go ahead in spring next year. Russell can't enter a team in that high level competition if the players have not played any meaningful hockey this season. Good luck Ritchie and have a great time. Expect we will see...
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    Gleason Fournier Leaves The Devils

    Fourns has been awesome for the last 5 years. A fantastic player and fan favorite. Bottom line is that these players need employment and need to keep playing. A year doing nothing can be detrimental to their careers and fitness. Gleason deserves that opportunity and he should be wished nothing...
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    Joey Martin on a One Year Deal to Norway

    This shows the class of this organisation..... putting the personal circumstances of the players first. These guys need to be employed. Inevitable that other players will be looking at employment options and we could see more departures..... hopefully temporary. Good luck to Joey.... hope he has...
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    Signing announcement

    We will know sooner or later who that player was supposed to be.
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    Bowns Departure Confirmed By Devils

    Congratulations to Ben. He so deserves an opportunity to prove himself at a higher level. He is still young and ambitious. Nothing more to prove in our league. Bownsey's contribution to our Club's success and his impact on the next generation is demonstrated by TK's words on the OS. Ben goes...
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    Viola arena no more? (IAW is back)

    Always knew the Devils were in the house for a home game when the arena was beautifully illuminated in red. That was great.... until it stopped.