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    20/21 Squad

    Posts have been edited, both the original and those quoting the original. How about people just calm down and stop trying to wind each other up.
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    Cardiff Devils Flashbacks

    I really enjoy the flashback videos @Eagles8 so i've sticked the thread, please keep them coming :)
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    Joey haddad 30th anniversary st David’s jersey for sale /trade

    No, you name a price :)
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    Free sports

    I can't work out if you're being really dense on purpose, or you're going to go back and delete your post and claim it never happened... But the only person that you directly quoted was @pjj365 :rolleyes:
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    Who’s going tonight???

    Who still has their 100 club jersey? ;)
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    Nottingham Panthers v Cardiff Devils - 29/01/20 - CC Semi-Final 2

    5-5 after the first leg, everything to play for...
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    Devils Vs Panthers - 22 Jan 20 - CC Semi Final

    Yes we do. You've tried to do this before with someone whose posts you didn't like. We're not going to start banning people or removing posts because you don't like them, or people on Twitter get all uppity. The forum will remain open for any and all views, for good or bad. That has been the...
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    Devils Vs Panthers - 22 Jan 20 - CC Semi Final

    The thing is, I genuinely don't know why people are surprised at this happening anymore. It's been going on for a number of years from a small selection of Devils fans who consider themselves to be better than anyone who posts something contradictary to their own opinion. Admittedly there have...
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    Stars v Devils - 19 Jan 20 - League

    Weekend game #2!
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    Devils Vs Steelers - 18 Jan 20 - League

    Biggest game of the year* *so far...