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    Panthers on the up.

    They will need to stick with him. Something tells me however that he will be out before the end of next season. Seems to be a demanding place with overly unrealistic expectations. But maybe that's just me
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    Signings Thread - All Teams 2022/23

    Jeff Mason has left the Giants as assistant coach to take over as GM and Head Coach at the Stars
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    Season Wrap Up

    Right, let's start scanning this SK update for clues as to signings...
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    (SOLD) Jersey For Sale - Something A Little Bit Different……

    Like this presumably - to assist
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    Inferno calm before the storm ….

    The Inferno does make off-season a bit more bearable - some of the time!
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    Devils and coach part ways

    If you know long term you are going to work with a coach then a 3rd place finish and a CC final is an ok return for a transition year. However if it's clear that it won't work then shake hands and walk away. However it's the timing that stinks for me. In cup competition anything can happen...
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    Purely Hypothetical ( am just curious )

    Not sure I am able to answer as I haven't chosen to go this year, BUT if I had and we didn't qualify I'm not sure I could handle the smug Steelers and Giants fans (it just gets under my skin) so I would probably do as Kevlar as cut my losses on the overall spend. (there would likely need to be a...
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    Evan Mosey

    Here's the problem - so many different versions of what happened. I won't presume to know the truth. Hands up: I haven't heard the podcast and his side of things. I have been told that the deal was agreed and then he went back asking for more money. But who knows - I'm sure Evan does. But to me...
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    Evan Mosey

    Mosey - unless Skalde considers all his various options of recruitment and plumbs for EM as a last resort, I wouldn't go back. For me, whilst it may be incredibly petty, the Orange just wouldn't wash out. I presume I'm in the minority but I can't connect with mercenaries like EM, and the same...
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    Food at the rink: your thoughts?

    I had a burger a few weeks ago - mediocre is a huge compliment! Won't get one again unless they change massively - it was like school dinners! Hotdogs are fine - they are standard fare, but a little dear. I never touch nachos that come with that awful cheese/not-cheese dip stuff. Pizzas are Ok...
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    Pride Jersey Auction

    I've been offered £800 for a jersey before, buyer welched on it though. Generally speaking there's no money to be made in trading them but some people do seem to have a genuine attachment to certain players and/or special jerseys. The St Davids Day jerseys are a good example. Some people may...
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    Pride Jersey Auction

    How was Todd with that one? Remember previously he took a £5 bid for the Parisi jersey and virtually threw it at the fella to get it out of there lol
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    Pride Jersey Auction

    Great night all-round. Anyone know of the jersey prices? - we left when Waller's was at £400 or so.
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    Devils Vs Flames - League - 19th Feb 22

    I also have a single ticket for sale - PM me
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    Devils v Flames - Saturday 19/2/22 - 1x ticket

    Single Silver level ticket available at face value. Block 2, top rows, nice neighbours, good access to stairs (lol) Message me if interested