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    NHL to start in January ....

    Bruins @ Devils is live at 6pm this evening on Free Sports :)
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    NHL to start in January ....

    Try this link - you should get access to the free games once you've signed up
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    NHL to start in January ....

    I must have fallen asleep and missed that :D
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    NHL to start in January ....

    Is it OK to ask not to post game details / spoilers please as there might be people recording the game to watch tomorrow ? It's rare for me to watch a live game midweek so I know how difficult it can be sometimes to avoid it. Enjoying it so far though. Thanks :)
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    NHL to start in January ....

    Just noticed that NHL TV will be showing selected games for free again starting this week. You'll need to create a (free) NHL TV account. Details here:
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    NHL to start in January ....

    Just a reminder that the opening game is live on Free Sports tonight (Wednesday). Penguins at Flyers 10.30 pm. They are also showing Bruins at Devils on Saturday at 6pm :)
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    Any news on webcasts for Greenville please

    As far as I can work out, games will be live and on-demand. It's $29.99 per month or $150 per year but I think you get access to the whole league, like NHL TV ? I think you need to create an account to get the full details...
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    Joey Martin interview

    I'm a Celebrity surely. Can't wait to see him do a Bush Tucker Trial !
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    Money generator for the club .....

    Don't know how much interest there would be for this, but I'm surprised the club didn't bring out "Season Review" DVDs for the title-winning seasons. I'm sure they would have sold like hot cakes at the time. I'd still definitely add them to my collection if they ever came out. Also the two...
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    Favourite Jersey

    Not sure if this will link properly but weren't the 25th anniversary jerseys these white ones ? If memory serves they were originally printed back to front by mistake so they looked like the players were wearing them inside...
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    NIHL Streaming Series: MK/Sheffield/Swindon

    I would imagine he'd be OK as "travelling for work purposes". Either that or as an "elite athlete" his bases are probably covered.
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    Viola arena no more? (IAW is back)

    Viola were involved in KF Concept ??? Or have I got the wrong end of the stick here ?
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    Viola arena no more? (IAW is back)

    Looks like Peacocks could be in trouble as well:
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    Selling - 05/06 Jersey

    From the start of the EIHL in 2003 up until the end of 2011/12, all teams' home jerseys were white and road jerseys were coloured. They swapped at the start of the following season (I think the NHL did it at the same time ?) and have been the same ever since.
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    New Devils coach found!

    Boris Johnson ? It can't be Thommo, he hasn't paid the repair bill for the dressing room door yet !