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    NIHL Streaming Series: MK/Sheffield/Swindon

    3 teams: Milton Keynes Lightning, Sheffield Steeldogs and Swindon Wildcats No fans in-person attendance. Games will all be streamed. Tickets will be priced at £12. Fixture dates: 14 Nov – Swindon vs MK (18:15) 15 Nov – Sheffield vs Swindon (17:30) 21 Nov – MK vs Swindon (19:00) 22 Nov – Swindon...
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    Murrayfield rink petition.

    “Stop Murrayfield Ice rink from closing it’s doors for good.” I’m not a huge fan of online petitions but I’m still in touch with a few Caps fans from past Play Off Final Weekends and it's so hard to replace these facilities once they are lost. It’s pretty much the only reason I’d have for going...
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    New ice hockey magazine

    Seems worth a shot. Approaching it as ‘a programme for the off season‘ (or ‘no season’). Can’t imagine he expects to get rich off the back of this and my hockey budget is largely unused at the moment, so why not. Full marks for the attempt.
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    Bownsy at Graz

    “Sadly we have to announce that Ben Bowns will be out of action for a a few months after a collision during the game last night. We wish him all the best and support him in his recovery.”
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    Viola arena no more? (IAW is back)

    Which is a shame, because sponsorship would be worth far more to the club if fans took a bit more of an interest in it. Curious little marketing exercise at any sporting event, see how many taxis at the venue match the advert on the shirts of the home fans. Sports sponsorship, like a lot of...
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    IIHF Worlds 2020 ... Cancelled
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    Ticket Refunds

    Anyone else checked their card statements over the last day or two? It looks like I have received refunds for some of the March tickets. Unannounced, unrequested, some from the Devils and probably Steelers too by the looks of it.
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    Season Cancelled

    At the very least, I'll wait to see the details. If I had access to the luxury of a season ticket, I may feel differently.
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    Season Cancelled

    Probably better to think of it as "we paid for a weekend of hockey", we'll get a rescheduled and quite different weekend of hockey. POFW20 Is dead. Long live EOWH20! EIHL Opening Weekend of Hockey 2020
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    Benti retires

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    Email with regards to tickets bought.

    Short term ... it delays the problem. There’s a reasonable chance the majority of fans will just accept the offer as it stands and they have 2+ months to get up to speed with the logistics of rebooking tickets. If they explicitly offer a refund, they’re immediately faced with a deluge of...
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    Email with regards to tickets bought.

    If I didn't know that they're snowed under I'd be cheeky and ask for guaranteed Cup Final tickets by way of exchange. :D
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    Season Cancelled

    Just had an email from Premier Inn saying they'll be offering people the chance to rebook or cancel. Doesn't directly relate to POFW but hopefully similar mails will be reaching hockey fans (and from other chains).
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    Season Cancelled

    I assume you are not familiar with the interest rates applied to business accounts at ~0.0% :D Maybe 20p per £1000 per month, probably less (ie. nothing), and possibly even a nett loss with bank charges.