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    Upcoming season thoughts

    Chance would be a fine thing
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    Viola arena no more? (IAW is back)

    The arena sponsorship would be with the IAW not the Devils. Although they sponsored the Devils too to a lesser extent, and I know the arena and Devils are in some ways entwined it shouldn't have a massive knock on effect to the club I don't think.
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    We played them 11th Nov 1994 in the Europa Cup losing 2-13
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    Programme archive

    Ive scanned another one, its a biggie. Heniken final 1990. I'm placing glass over the top of the programme to flatten it out before taking the photos which seems to give a better result. takes less than 10 minutes...
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    Programme archive

    So I’ve got a big mound of old Devils ephemera from day one. Partly gifted to me, partly from my own collection. The advent of modern phones means that it’s actually quite easy to scan these all in now. The question is does anyone care or is interested. It’s quick to do but there is a _lot_ of...
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    Rumour mill

    Mosey seemed to come back from injury last season with a point to prove and played some amazing hockey. If he comes back this season with the same level of energy, and I see no reason why not, he's going to be a huge player for us next year. I don't understand why Panthers fans were so...
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    Rumour mill

    I'm not so sure. In the hockey world I believe it's common for the coach not to recruit and Lord hinted in his leaving press conference that some of last years team have probably already re-signed
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    Not great news for the Clan ....

    Not good at all. I've had second hand experience of KPMG as my wife works for HMV who had them appointed a couple of years ago. They won't keep anything going that isn't profitable or an obvious quick sell.
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    Rumour mill

    Was Lord not also in line for a percentage of the club if he completes his contract here? That may hold some sway unless they are swinging big money.
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    Ex players current jobs.

    Doug MacIver had a reality TV show selling cars‘bargain-brothers’-ridetime-tackle-reality-tv Tyson Teplitsky works for Bauer as Stick Product Manager
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    Top 7 EIHL Defensemen ...

    It was a fan vote, so all the Devils fans probably voted for Fournier :)
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    Today at 1pm
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    Riley is tweeting very much as if he's still a devils player. You can't read too much into stuff but he sounds like he's planning on being back
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    steelers Vs Devils - 8 Mar 20 - Challenge Cup Final Spectacular

    Kipper raises a very fine point. No thanks