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    Glasgow clan

    At the end of the day it's a business not a hobby. So if your a businessman who sets out a business plan expecting X product from an investment but gets Z product they may think is this what I wanted to invest in? The same for sponsors, they want an X product to sponsor not a Z product. That's...
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    Glasgow clan

    Not always. Depends what the ambitions are. You couldn't seriously compete against the elite teams in Europe with a team restricted due to revenue.
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    All time devils team

    Where are the results anyway?
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    Glasgow clan

    I don't think the Devils Org would want to put out a lower grade of hockey which is what would have to happen if capacity was cut which means a lesser budget and less attractive to sponsors. They have given us such a high standard of game that would they really want to step back? It's a really...
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    EIHL Webcast

    And neither was your second ;)
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    EIHL Webcast

    Your first opinion of it wasn't so glossy :D
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    Nice little interesting article

    Got some real bad boys on here.
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    Raffle idea

    Raffle a full game experience, whole bench for winner and 9 guests to watch the team warm up, winner and guests with group team photo, signed pucks and 10 seats for the game.
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    Raffle idea

    The shirts, helmets and sticks must be starting to dry up by now so......what about raffling off a pair of untaken seats for the season? There are quite allot of available seats. Limit the raffle to 300 tickets so the odds are good. Pair of Gold seats raffle £15 a ticket. Raffle total £4500...
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    The future of the Elite League and its teams

    There's social Distancing? You wouldn't believe there was if you see what I see on a daily basis. Also Rock of Ages musical I was going to see in Aug has been canceled until May 2022.
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    All time devils team

    I think with the restrictions imposed on selection that there may be players you wouldn't have picked in the team but only get in to the team as you can't pick other players. So in fact it's not a true showing of a Devils all time team from an individual point of view, it's a forced selection.
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    This may be helpful

    Website builder, bar designer and Reverend but a bit busy working on frontline at the moment.
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    Who profits from these then

    Found these on ebay and i'm sure its not Devils Org. official merch.
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    Champions Hockey League 2021/2022

    Or maybe it was just because we were league leaders at the end of the unfinished season. That would be the easiest and most fair way to decide which EIHL team gets an invite. So until a full season was completed the Devils would be the obvious team with a fair enough explanation why and without...
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    If we get a season 21/22

    But we been through all this before on here and its all or nothing, to many complications for indoor arenas IF they keep social distancing Snooker is low risk as half the audience don't move all day due to sleeping.