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    NHL to start in January ....

    I may be doing something wrong but NHL TV is $99.99. I can't seem to find the free account.
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    Mark Louis signs for Dukla Michalovce

    How come no mention of Lou on website.
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    Viola arena no more? (IAW is back)

    Maybe this would the perfect year to start looking at bigger sponsors. Everyone has a year off the day to day grind. Go out really sell it to them. Could be massive start to next season
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    Rumour mill

    Where has that come from due a testimonial next year
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    Winning an election is far more important it would seem
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    New Coach.....

    Let's be honest whoever comes in has got big shoes to fill. Going it needs to be someone who will grow into the job. And then have the opportunity like Lord to move to bigger things. Maybe a young coach looking to progress and coming here will give him the platform to do that. Maybe a young...
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    CHL draw

    Farjestad it is then
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    Patrick Bordeleau

    Let's hope he comes out the other end. And can turn it into a positive.
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    Day 1 of withdrawal symptoms

    Not if in the right place. This was busy one.
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    Day 1 of withdrawal symptoms

    Sure I will get to know her soon
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    Cardiff Devils 2019/20.

    Just think Mosey rehab was first class whoever was the brains behind that deserves all the plaudits. It was like he had never be injured. Just hope they all stay fit in off season. Batch, Myers Duggan all had great seasons all are like fine wines. Could go and on but my thumbs will get sore.
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    Devils vs steelers - 6 Mar 20 - League

    Think he took blow to his hand. Like you said hope just a caution
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    Devils vs steelers - 6 Mar 20 - League

    Great team performance. Outclassed out played them in every department. Didn't let them settle at all. Bring on Sunday seem again please.