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    Rumours & Offseason Nonsense 2022/23

    Not correct, whoever gets the start the other will be on the bench anyway, with Ben signed we will be able to have an extra import on the ice as apposed to the situation when we had Caruth and Kozan (2 import goalies)
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    EIHL - Playoff 1/4 Final

    My error
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    EIHL - Playoff 1/4 Final

    We normally faceoff at 7.30 on Saturdays
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    Panthers Vs Devils - League - 17th April 22

    Webcast available
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    1/4 finals

    I think it will be Glasgow
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    Carl Hudson

    I know the signing deadline has passed but could we loan a player from Manchester or Fife for the playoff games
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    14 skaters and 2 goalies
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    Flames Vs Devils - League - 2nd Apr 22

    McNulty was expected to return before now
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    Guilford only able to ice two lines
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    Face Off now 6 o'clock
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    Flames Vs Devils - League - 2nd Apr 22

    Caruth took over after 3rd
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    Flyers Vs Devils - League - 19th March 22

    The point being made is unless someone is on the injured list they should not be carrying a spare player.
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    Devils Vs Clan - League - 18th March 2022

    Not sure if Sam Duggan is playing, not shown on any line
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    Although Steelers, worth posting

    Give it back to the player to auction off
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    steelers Vs Devils - CC Semi - 23rd Feb 22

    On his way back from Olympics