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    Rumour mill

    I would be happy for Reddick to go to any team which will play him every game. Nobody wants to be a healthy scratch!
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    Flyers v Devils

    Yes, us too. It's so annoying.
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    Cardiff Devils Confirmed Signings & Departures 2019/20

    I bet if Fournier re-signs we won't be told 'til just before new season starts, same as happened with Hotham!
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    Who is new equipment manager?

    A stick boy.... How insulting!
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    Steelers Vs Devils - Sun 23 Sept - League

    Anyone know if there will be a webcast available?
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    Don't you think it is a bit disrespectful to Mo to suggest that another player, namely Richie, would be a good person to take his place when we have won the league twice (plus several other titles) with him as captain. Mo is a great player and leader.
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    Condolences to Steve King and family

    We are so sorry for your loss Mr King. There is nothing worse than losing your dad. Keep strong and remember all the wonderful memories you made with him.
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    Monday night

    Terrific signings! So glad we didn't have to wait long this year to find out who our first returnees are. Keep them coming please.