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    Lord wins

    Moore is certainly a fan favourite in Toledo where he was previously. I thought he was a bit too ‘crazy’ the games I saw him in.
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    Upcoming season thoughts

    Coronavirus: Entire 2020-21 English football season could be played in reduced capacity stadiums
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    The future of the Elite League and its teams

    You can get a rough idea of what might happen by following the exit strategy’s of the other big European countries. Germany announced today, “Large public gatherings including religious services will remain banned until 31 August. Bars, cafes, restaurants, cinemas and music venues will all...
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    Season Cancelled

    Most of the major hotel chains have modified their cancellation policies. I had (non refundable) bookings in Dundee this Sunday and Glasgow on the 25th. My flight to Scotland on Sunday went down the pan with Flybe. Train companies at the moment are acting as business as usual, so might have to...
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    EIHL Last Man Standing - v2.0 - Current champion - *Wannabe2*

    Guildford to beat Glasgow Sunday, 5 - 2
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    EIHL Last Man Standing - v2.0 - Current champion - *Wannabe2*

    Fife to win, 4 - 3 v Manchester , Sunday.
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    Devils Vs Giants - 23/24 Nov 19 - League

    I think the team is just missing confidence & chemistry. i’ll admit, I don’t want for physical play and I don’t subscribe to that style of play. Check for a purpose, like separate a player from the puck, otherwise, I don’t see the point. Why put ourselves in the position of allowing a ref to...