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    Who would you replace

    I think Lammon is strong 4th line centre, he isn't a bad player just more of a defensive forward which means he doesn't stand out.
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    Dupont named head coach

    Always prefer the 90's setup for the Autumn cup (Benson and Hedges) 4 groups of 4, with teams from the other leagues. I know they wouldn't compete but the import difference these days is too large unless the clubs agreed to dress a limited number for the group stage. and the old playoffs use...
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    Devils Vs Flames - Play-Off Semi Final - 30th April 2022

    Just for post purchase reflection, does anyone know who the panthers are behind (if any are there). My Ticket's bang in the middle:p.
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    Devils Vs Flames - Play-Off Semi Final - 30th April 2022

    Rare for Batch to take offence must have been something iffy.
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    Pub/club showing Playoffs?

    I was hoping someone/where in Cwmbran would have a private room or business subscription. I find premiers sports a nightmare trying to reactivate a Web account.
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    Playoff Weekend

    I recall it from the opening days as something called a word sounding like Nymex arena, wiki has it as the Nynex arena. MEN was defiantly how it was referred to later on. Is AO Arena Manchester the men? The arena opened in July 1995, sponsored by NYNEX CableComms as NYNEX Arena. In July...
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    Inferno calm before the storm ….

    I thought the GOAT wasn't our first line centre towards the last season. Linglet was the top scorer season before and then Joey H on the last. For me Fournier will still be a top D man. I'd put Coughler above Joey next season, but we won't know until (if) a month into the season
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    Playoff Weekend

    I'm aiming to go Sunday if they get through HockeyMAD but I'm in Cwmbran
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    Devils Vs Flames - Play-Off Semi Final - 30th April 2022

    This is one competition I've not seen and would love the devil's to win which is a strong possibility. Go Devs
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    Devils Vs Clan - Play-off 1/4 Finals - 23/24 April 22

    Erojas, surely this season it's been proven that, if we don't turn up until the last 10mins, we might or might not win the game! And if we turn up for the full 60mins with a full squad we've won every game. All I'm certain off is Any Given Day there's a chance. Just happy the team have made...
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    Purely Hypothetical ( am just curious )

    Are the Semi's defo on Premier Sports?
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    Flyers Vs Devils - League - 19th March 22

    Is that £400 concession based or general adult season ticket?
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    Giants Vs Devils - Challenge Cup Final - 16th March 22

    I hope we don't pull the younger players in OT, like Lord did years ago in the Shef final. Those players have the energy to spark a counter in OT
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    Blaze Vs Devils - League - 5th March 22

    In fairness big competitive games we've done OK this season. It's just the consistency has been the issue, no other team in the league has taken more points from the top 2.