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  1. Diablo3

    Who thinks the league will complete its games

    Given all the cancellations / postponements in the hockey leagues around Europe, what are the odds on our league finishing its games?
  2. Diablo3

    Panthers vs Devils

    Big game tonight, here's hoping for the W
  3. Diablo3

    Glasgow Clan add to their D

    They have signed 28 year old Sean Robertson from Briancon in the French league. 31 games 1 goal 6 assists and a -14 rating
  4. Diablo3

    Devils Vs Storm - 22 Dec 19 - League

    Considering the guys didn't get off the plane until mid afternoon from Belfast, that was one spirited performance against a resilient Storm side. Talk about finding a way to win! All we need is Duggs. da ta da ta da. Merry Christmas to all on the forum, hope you have a good one.
  5. Diablo3

    Panthers vs Giants

    They seem to be having fun over there too. 0-0 after first but 1-1 in fights :)
  6. Diablo3

    Stars post match interview

    Have to say, what an honest open interview Omar Pacha gave after the game. Kinda feel sorry for the guy.
  7. Diablo3

    Short term signing

    MATIAS SOINTU has been signed short term to cover an injury to Joey Martin
  8. Diablo3

    Flyers vs Storm brawl

    Just read about the post game brawl. Sounds like a bruiser of a game, with Crowder getting concussion from a hit during it and Stoflet with the same after the post match handshake. I'm guessing DOPS will be handing out some punishment...
  9. Diablo3

    Away game streams

    I have only been to a few away games (hopefully more in the future) so I rely on the streams from all the other clubs to watch our guys in action. Some of them are great entertainment (Belfast guys going nuts when they score comes to mind) The only two clubs without a stream (that I could...
  10. Diablo3

    Fournier goal of the season contender

    What a goal! lifted the whole crowd tonight.