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  1. Diablo3

    Andrew Lord

    Damn, already bough two before I read this.
  2. Diablo3

    Rumour mill

    I doubt it, probably one of the Brits
  3. Diablo3

    Rumour mill

    I doubt we will get any more signing news until they announce the new coach. He must surely have an input on new signings.
  4. Diablo3

    New Coach.....

    Could well be, but we have a lot of CV's to go through. I guess with Piggsy leaving the new coach has free reign to get an assistant too.
  5. Diablo3

    New Coach.....

    I wouldn't expect too much of a change in our style of play. Tod has already said we are looking for a new coach that has the same style of play as the Devils. No major change in direction.
  6. Diablo3

    Andrew Lord

    I think if ever a jersey should be retired it has to be 71. A great coach and always a gent. Big pair of boots to fill.
  7. Diablo3

    Devils most pressing recruitment problem - answers inside

    I got the impression that he wanted a full year contract which we couldn't give him at the time. So we may still see him in a Devil's shirt yet.
  8. Diablo3

    Rumour mill

    I really wanted that kitchen sink....
  9. Diablo3

    20/21 Squad

    I'm hoping we get a full season but just starting / finishing late. I'm missing my hockey family...
  10. Diablo3

    FreeSports tomorrow

    I get what you are saying, but to be fair, at least they are trying. I'm afraid the big budget channels don't give a crap about hockey. Also I'm sure I look much worse than Todd after several weeks of lock down. This was the first one, so hopefully it will get better as it goes along. Maybe a...
  11. Diablo3

    20/21 Squad

    If true that gives us a headache...
  12. Diablo3

    BBC sports today - blast from the past

    Your absolutely right, just shows my age is getting to me !
  13. Diablo3

    POFW Refund

    Lets hope people give Katrina some time to sort it all out given the current restrictions.
  14. Diablo3

    BBC sports today - blast from the past

    Wish I had been there. The highlights showed how good hockey can be on TV. Who else misses Grandstand? For me Saturday was down to Woolies for mixed bag of sweets, the home to watch Grandstand for the afternoon. (including Wrestling with Giant Haystacks, Big Daddy and Adrian Street)
  15. Diablo3

    Blaze re-sign

    Hey Wagstaff, you're not allowed to sign a player of that quality on my birthday!!!!
  16. Diablo3

    Fitzy released by Clan

    Must admit I thought it was harsh given all their injuries. Hope Fitz gets another gig sorted.
  17. Diablo3

    EIHL 10 team event

    The event itself does sound as if it could be good, given the hockey starvation and especially if the match ups are anything like Angus lists, but for me it's not a £500 event. Which is roughly what it would cost. I'm just hoping it is televised somewhere.
  18. Diablo3

    Isolation ice hockey fantasy viewing.

    I think you just described day 1 of the magic 5 event. ;)
  19. Diablo3

    Devils Qualify For CHL 20/21

    You are right, but even with the dip in league form, there is still enough in the tank to win the league (technically) so I think it is worth it. Depending on which teams we draw, I'm hoping to go to the away games this year.