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  1. Diafol

    The future of the Elite League and its teams

    That's a shame, I was hoping we could have "Elite League Champions - As Confirmed By The BBC " T shirts in the shop ! Or is that a step too far...
  2. Diafol

    Yes today- No tomorrow

    I'm much the same. The bigger question for me though: If there is no 20/21 season, will there be any clubs still in business for 21/22 ?
  3. Diafol

    Todd’s chat today

    It's here:
  4. Diafol

    Andrew Lord

    Suddenly it doesn't seem like such a good idea !!!
  5. Diafol

    Andrew Lord

    Anyone fancy coming in on a bulk order on these so we can save on the postage ;-) Or maybe get them into the shop, I'm sure they'd sell well ?
  6. Diafol

    Rumour mill

    Link to press conference:
  7. Diafol

    The future of the Elite League and its teams

    If you believe the interview in today's i newspaper, it would seem that the First Minister has just ended next season for the Devils with one sentence: "The first minister said he did not anticipate crowds being allowed to sporting events or concerts this year. “They are right at the very end...
  8. Diafol

    CHL draw

    Lordo's thoughts:
  9. Diafol

    CHL draw

    Looking at the draw, even if we got through the first round the prize would probably be HC Davos in the second round !
  10. Diafol

    CHL draw

    Farjestad it is...
  11. Diafol

    Random question on old Trophies

    The first rule of Pad 3 ? You don't talk about Pad 3...
  12. Diafol

    20/21 Squad

    I hope I'm right when I say that this doesn't sound like a message from a coach who's leaving any time soon:
  13. Diafol

    Self Isolating Playoff Weekend

    Self Isolating Playoff Weekend I watched this last night Watched this today And will be watching last year's final again tomorrow. This is only brief highlights sadly but luckily I have the game on DVD. Does anyone have a link to the 1999 final ?
  14. Diafol

    Play off semi final

    Awesome. I'm off to the Bunker's for a quick pint before the second game starts. Who's your money on ?
  15. Diafol

    Cardiff Devils Flashbacks

    I've been trying to find footage of the goal Burgy scored in the last second of OT to beat Sheffield, but no joy sadly. That was my first ever away game - must have been early in 2005 - there were a few coaches put on as we had a "Save Our Rink" protest outside the Sheffield branch of John...
  16. Diafol

    Cardiff Devils Flashbacks

    In the spirit of this thread, I watched this yesterday - it still gives me goosebumps :)
  17. Diafol

    season tkts

    It is but I would assume the Devils office will be processing the applications their end, GC is just the "third party" arranging the finance.
  18. Diafol

    Day 1 of withdrawal symptoms

    Miracle ? Based on a true story though so probably doesn't count... Not hockey movies, but movies which feature hockey: Sudden Death The Love Guru MVP Most Valuable Primate... or maybe not. I know you only wanted fiction but if you type "hockey documentary" into YouTube there should be enough...
  19. Diafol

    Season Cancelled

    I booked tickets and hotel for the last game of the season in Sheffield. Looks like my hotel money is gone but according to the arena website I should get a full refund for my match tickets: "Full refunds for the games and any parking (including all fees) will be automatically refunded to the...
  20. Diafol

    Premier Sports

    Correct. The official statement from last night ends as follows: "Our goal is to resume play as soon as it is appropriate and prudent, so that we will be able to complete the season and award the Stanley Cup. Until then, we thank NHL fans for your patience and hope you stay healthy."