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  1. Diafol

    Self Isolating Playoff Weekend

    Self Isolating Playoff Weekend I watched this last night Watched this today And will be watching last year's final again tomorrow. This is only brief highlights sadly but luckily I have the game on DVD. Does anyone have a link to the 1999 final ?
  2. Diafol

    Premier Sports Offer

    If anyone was thinking of Premier Sports for the NHL / Pro 14, they currently have a special offer - £49 for a year's subscription.
  3. Diafol

    Devils qualify for next season's CHL !

    According to the CHL Facebook page,:
  4. Diafol

    MKL v Devils - 20 Dec 18 - League

    Can't believe there's not a game thread already ! Just getting underway.
  5. Diafol

    Giants v Stars - Free Game live now ! OK so the tie might be a foregone conclusion but still... Free hockey !
  6. Diafol

    Panthers vs Devils - 4 Nov - League

    There are rumours on Facebook that the Panthers will actually catch up with the modern world and offer a webcast for tomorrow's game. If it goes ahead I would think it'll be via this link: Fingers crossed but I'm not holding my breath !
  7. Diafol

    If anyone's not feeling the love for the new season yet...

    .....the full Playoff Final has been uploaded to YouTube. Sit back and enjoy, and remember why we all love this sport and this club so much :)
  8. Diafol

    EIHL announce TV coverage for new season

    Live games and weekly highlights on Free Sports.
  9. Diafol

    Challenge Cup Final Returns To IAW / POFW Dates Confirmed

    Sunday 10th March Also: Playoff dates announced:
  10. Diafol

    2 Single CC Final Tickets Available

    Selling on behalf of a friend who can't make it. Face value £22 each.
  11. Diafol

    NHL TV

    I'm reliably informed that this works... If you sign up for a free account with NHL TV here: you get access to the "Free Game of the Day" (live and on-demand) and...
  12. Diafol

    Weekly EIHL Highlights

    I've no idea whether this is connected to the EIHL or not, but the following weekly highlights packages have been uploaded to YouTube: Week 1 Week 2
  13. Diafol

    Richie's Testimonial Game

    Just a heads up for all season ticket holders. I booked my tickets for the game online last night and it looks as if ST seats haven't been reserved for this event. If you want your usual seats best get in quick !
  14. Diafol

    Has Taz been in training ?

    Or is there something we should know ? Take a look at @AndrewLord17's Tweet:
  15. Diafol


    I can't see an existing thread on this so thought I'd share: FreeSports is a new channel from the people behind Premier. There's a new video on both Premier Sports and FreeSports' FB pages plugging the FreeSports lineup which shows brief NHL clips along with a "blink and you'll miss it" clip...
  16. Diafol

    Premier Sports Offer

    I know the NHL season is almost over but this still seems like a pretty good deal - a year's sub to Premier Sports for £25 (Sky only I think though, not Virgin cable).
  17. Diafol

    Champions League confirmed for EIHL winners

    An added bonus if we finally manage to clinch the league title this year :)
  18. Diafol

    Poor old Steelers.... As if they've never played back to back games on a weekend before ?
  19. Diafol

    It's Devils V Steelers in the Challenge Cup Final

    Steelers beat the Panthers 3-0 in the second leg (5-1 on aggregate). Bring it on :)