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  1. Nott Simpson

    Official: 2020-2021 League suspended

    I would put money on it that the trip to the Doncaster Races was after racegoers were excluded. After the first day of the meeting the local council used their powers to stop fans attending. Racegoers were only let in on Wednesday, I was due to go there on Friday as an owner but decided to stay...
  2. Nott Simpson

    Signing announcement

    Looking at the latest figures Cardiff could be in lockdown soon after a 300% jump in infections
  3. Nott Simpson

    Upcoming season thoughts

    Glynne, the level and type of flu in the Australian winter is often an indicator of what we can expect in Europe. If we end up with a low flu level that would be great as it would hopefully ensure that the NHS is not over run this coming winter
  4. Nott Simpson

    Upcoming season thoughts

    One possible ray of hope. Friends in Australia have told me that the prevalence of common flu during their winter is low this year.
  5. Nott Simpson

    The future of the Elite League and its teams

    I believe that mass attendance sport especially indoors will not happen this year and probably not until next summer. For those who dont accept the possibility of a second peak I would suggest that the look at what happened when the Spanish Flu pandemic occurred 100 years ago. After the...
  6. Nott Simpson

    Programme archive

    Paul Castron signed for the Devils in late July 1989 only to pull out of the deal a week before the season was due to start. He was a mate of JL who was a bit upset about it all. I remember John telling me to go and wait outside the WNIR before training one night as Castron's replacement would...
  7. Nott Simpson

    Rumour mill

    Devils press conference to address issues raised by the latest Welsh Governments press conference at 12:30
  8. Nott Simpson

    The future of the Elite League and its teams

    If you want to place hockey before lives then go with Boris. For me the cautious approach of the Welsh and Scottish Governments is envied by many in England. If you dont agree look at some of the poll results
  9. Nott Simpson

    20/21 Squad

    For comments like that Devilsatw should be banned from this Forum. I dont see anyone going into Velindre Hospital laughing. MODS if people are allowed to post such comments then this website should shut down as it bring utter shame to the DEVILS community. OJ
  10. Nott Simpson

    Jim Mannings

    RIP JIM I will always remember the time he would come into the dressing room to teach the lads how to fight. He would ask Stephen Cooper if that was all he had,, hit me harder he would plead if not find another sport.
  11. Nott Simpson

    BBC sports today - blast from the past

    I will never forget that weekend, you never believe the number of people on our bench during the penalty shoot out. Coop in the tunnel after missing his shoots, Dicky smoking on the bench RIP - Dicky and Heather
  12. Nott Simpson

    The future of the Elite League and its teams

    How will non contact hockey go down with Wannabe and other supporters of physical hockey as players will also have to say 2m apart?
  13. Nott Simpson

    EIHL 10 team event

    Pipe dream i am sorry to say. Do they honestly believe that there will not be restrictions on mass events at the beginning of September. A low key start to hockey would be most likely
  14. Nott Simpson

    DEL & EBEL - Coronavirus, remaining fixtures cancelled!

    This is a very serious situation and certainly nothing to joke about. Back from Tenerife I am begining to think it will be safer over there I am in no doubt that there will be restrictions on public events within the next 2 weeks.
  15. Nott Simpson

    Free sports

    Spare a thought for us in Tenerife No premier or free sports. Before any rumours start I am not in quarantine just banned from bars
  16. Nott Simpson

    EIHL Last Man Standing - v2.0 - Current champion - *Wannabe2*

    Here are the votes from sunny Tenerife - Stars 4 Flyers 1 on Saturday
  17. Nott Simpson

    EIHL Last Man Standing - v2.0 - Current champion - *Wannabe2*

    Panthers to beat Flyers on Friday
  18. Nott Simpson

    EIHL Last Man Standing - v2.0 - Current champion - *Wannabe2*

    Steelers to beat Clan - Wednesday