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  1. James

    Programme archive

    So I’ve got a big mound of old Devils ephemera from day one. Partly gifted to me, partly from my own collection. The advent of modern phones means that it’s actually quite easy to scan these all in now. The question is does anyone care or is interested. It’s quick to do but there is a _lot_ of...
  2. James

    steelers Vs Devils - 8 Mar 20 - Challenge Cup Final Spectacular

    And so we reach the first title of the season and its once again steelers Vs Devils. We'll have sized them up tonight (friday) but whatever happens, this is a different game and do or die for both teams. steelers will be the hometeam on the ice for this game due to their path to the final...
  3. James

    Blaze Vs Devils - 23 Feb 20 - League

    Devils make the short trip to Coventry Sunday night to take on the Blaze. Blaze are one of the inform teams at the moment and points are vital for both teams.
  4. James

    Devils Vs Flames - 22 Feb 20 - League

    Devils 'welcome' the flames to the bay on Saturday night. After suffering an away defeat less than a week ago in Guildford hopefully we can repay the favour.
  5. James

    Devils Vs Flyers - 19 02 20 - League

    Devils welcome the Flyers to the Viola on Wednesday night. With a mixed weekend behind us, steelers scoring a 0 point weekend and Panthers in resurgence breathing down our necks, every point will make a difference in this run in. The game is live on Freesports if you can't make it down.
  6. James

    Giants Vs Devils - 1 + 2 Feb 20 - League

    Devils are travelling to the O this weekend for a double header against Belfast. Points are needed from both games if we hope to keep up with Sheffield.
  7. James

    Devils Vs Panthers - 22 Jan 20 - CC Semi Final

    Devils welcome the Panthers to the bay on Wednesday night for the first leg of the CC Semi final. After a .. less than stellar... performance in their last game, hopefully the Devils will be up to prove the point. Play like we did first period on Saturday and we'll leave the Panthers in the dust.
  8. James

    Devils Vs Stars - 12 Jan 20 - League

    Devils welcome the Dundee Stars to the Viola on Sunday evening. Stars have been on a bit of a run of late and will have confidence despite their bottom of the table position
  9. James

    Storm Vs Devils - 11 Jan 20 - League

    Devils head back to Manchester this Saturday after a less than successful visit last week. Hopefully with a different result.
  10. James

    Devils Vs Flyers - 05 Jan 20 - League

    Devils welcome the Flyers to the bay on Sunday night
  11. James

    Storm Vs Devils - 04 Jan 20 - League

    Hopefully putting the 'excitement' of last weekend behind us, the Devils head to Altrincham to face Ryan Finnertys Storm.
  12. James

    Devils Vs Blaze - 01 Jan 20 - League (4 FO)

    As we finish the year so we start it. Devils face off against the Blaze for a return match up at the Viola.
  13. James

    Blaze Vs Devils - 31 Dec 19 - League (4.30 FO)

    Devils head to the Sponsordome for the last game of 2019. Devils may well be without Martin and Reily is still in Davos with Team Canada but Blaze may well be running an import or 2 short too due to injuries. Devils have struggled to find form in Cov after going a season or so unbeaten there.
  14. James

    Devils Vs Giants - 18 Dec 19 - CC 1/4 final

    Devils 'welcome' the Giants to the bay for the second leg of the quarter final. Devils are a goal ahead from the first leg. I'm also taking my dad to his first hockey game so fingers crossed its a good one :D
  15. James

    Giants vs Devils - 11 Dec 19 - CC

    Devils head across the water to the O to face Giants in the first leg of the quarter final.
  16. James

    Flyers vs Devils - 8 Dec 19 - League

    The Scottish trip continues with a trip to Kirkcaldy on Suday to face the Flyers.
  17. James

    Clan Vs Devils - 7 Dec 19 - League

    After a thorough routing of the Clan last weekend, the Devils head north for a rematch in the Scottish shopping centre. Will the Devils home form carry through or will the Clan be a different proposition in their own rink.
  18. James

    Devils vs Clan - 01 Dec 19 - League

    Devils welcome the Clan to the Viola on Sunday night. Devils are hoping to get back on track after a bumpy weekend, and the games aren't getting any easier. It's also air the bear so bring a teddy
  19. James

    Devils Vs Giants - 23/24 Nov 19 - League

    Devils face the Giants both Saturday and Sunday at the Viola arena. Too early to put too much emphasis on the league table but Giants are currently sitting 2 points below us with the same games played. Giants always give a good account of themselves so it should be 2 good games.
  20. James

    Devils Vs Flyers - 17 Nov 19 - League

    Devils welcome the Flyers to the Viola Sunday night. We played them earlier in the month with an uncomfortable 5-1 loss, so hoping for the reverse in this game. Brent Walton will also be in town for the game, leading to the game being designated 'Wally Night'. Obviously means something else in...