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    Reddick signs with Atlanta Gladiators

    Mixed emotions for me this one. I can’t fault Reddick’s work rate and effort during his time with devils and he’s a great bloke off the ice. In my opinion though I think it’s the right move for both parties. I think we’ve all got one or two ex Devils players that we struggled to warm to on the...
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    Steelers Sign a new goalie Son of Martin Brodeur. Very ordinary CV. Good save percentage in the Erste Liga this season but poor stats in the ECHL.
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    Panthers v Devils CC 2nd leg live on Freesports

    The 2nd leg will be live on freesports this Wednesday. Great news
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    Early days but our discipline so far in domestic games has been shocking. Particularly in Away games. Is the officiating in the EIHL poor? Yep horrendous but we simply have to adapt sooner rather than later. We can’t sit there all season saying “they wouldn’t have given that penalty in the CHL”...
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    Tom Parisi

    I see Parisi has signed for South Carolina in the ECHL. Always had a feeling he would return to hockey. Will be interesting to see how he gets on