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  1. Bazza

    Tidy like...

    Bit random as we are in the middle of the off season but saw saw something on BBC website yesterday that reminded me of the thing that annoys me at Devils matches - litter under the seats! Drinks/bottles/50:50 tickets/food wrappers etc. How hard is it to take your rubbish to a bin instead of...
  2. Bazza

    Cup final ticket details No need to all queue at 09.00!!!!
  3. Bazza

    Challenge Cup Final returns.... Happy St David's Day (ish)!!! Hopefully repeat of last year!
  4. Bazza

    Team average age/size etc (based on Elite Prospects!)

    Taking the numbers as correct (i.e. not checking each one!!), based on current rosters as at 7th August the Devils numbers are: Average age = 29.45 years Average height = 184.64 cm (6ft and half an inch-ish) Average weight = 88.73 kg (13 stone 11lbs) NHL experience = 2 AHL = 1,289 Only Belfast...
  5. Bazza

    Nomination for club of the year

    One more trophy this year won't hurt...
  6. Bazza

    All Star question - where is Joey Haddad???! Congrats to Bowns, Marv and Joey M but where is Joey H???!
  7. Bazza

  8. Bazza

    Elite league award nominations Don't think any question over coach! For the other awards they may let other teams actually win stuff although how Belfast have 2 D men nominated baffles me! Mark Louis for me!!
  9. Bazza

    POFW to be broadcast live...on the radio Better than nothing for those not going to Nottingham HOPEFULLY with your team, the home team,your Cardiff Devils playing!! Not an April Fool post!!
  10. Bazza

    Player of the week....

    Top marks Elite League....
  11. Bazza

    Play Offs Home leg.... 1st April Season tickets cover this... Ok should say PLAYOFFS but can't change it so relying on Mods!!! :-)
  12. Bazza

    Parking tonight.....v Stars

    Thought worth letting people know that a ''group of travellers" have set up camp outside old BBT and the 15 or so caravans mean zero parking there tonight. Police and council aware but can't see them gone in next few hours. Plan ahead and just be extra wary of valuables etc.... Wonder what...
  13. Bazza

    Bordy ban

    Once again DOPS won't say a decision was wrong... Is there such a thing as flag hockey so we can make it non-contact??
  14. Bazza

    All Star John Scott - his words

    Sorry if already posted somewhere but if not this is a really good read
  15. Bazza

    Calgary connection Hopefully link works otherwise just google matchsticks and gasoline...
  16. Bazza

    Ryan Grimshaw - strong words... If link works worth a read....