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  1. Wannabe2

    Stanley Cup Final Tampa v Dallas

    Not going to mention the score, as we agreed to not mention that, but if anyone hasn’t watched game 2 and can do so then believe me do it. Unbelievable game it has everything, and as physical as hell. What a fix to help this lousy Cold Turkey, can’t wait for game 3 now. Don’t forget no scores as...
  2. Wannabe2

    Pope calls it a day

    Matt Pope has decided to retire from hockey.
  3. Wannabe2

    My interpretation of Owners Statement

    WE ARE GOING NO WHERE, AND HOPEFULLY NEITHER ARE YOU. All in this together guys we sure are, our owners have put their money in to make this club what it is, we now need to do the same to keep it at the top. If possible we should roll over our money to next season, if that’s possible of course...
  4. Wannabe2

    You learn something every day

    Only just found out that Whitley’s ice rink has the same capacity as us, obviously never been there too far for me, but that had me gobsmacked. I knew Blackburn had our capacity, but Whitley is another story.
  5. Wannabe2

    One Ice Rink Re-Opens

    Dundonald ice rink where Giants train is re-opening tomorrow apparently.
  6. Wannabe2

    Yes today- No tomorrow

    How many of you guys are like me, today I am positive, tomorrow I am negative, it’s like a roller coaster ride. One minute I think there Defo won’t be a season this season, then the way things are moving forward I think 16 weeks time it certainly could happen. It’s certainly true that no one...
  7. Wannabe2

    Todd’s chat today

    Anyone know what time this is please.
  8. Wannabe2


    Can we have Stephen Dixon back please.
  9. Wannabe2

    Any Red Patterson Gamers out there

    Looking for a red Ed Patterson gamer,
  10. Wannabe2

    We may be called the Devils

    We may be called the Devils, but we have had God, Lord,2 Popes, a Bishop, a Priest, a Parish, a Deacon,and even had Shannon the Cannon.
  11. Wannabe2

    FreeSports tomorrow

    Freesports tomorrow 6-30pm, interviews with Todd Kelman, Adam Keefe, Peter Russel, could be an interesting listen. Just thought i would mention it. Stay Safe.
  12. Wannabe2

    Storm Re-sign

    Forward Cam Critchlow returns for a second season with the storm, 28yrs of age,5ft10in left winger. 45 games last season with a return of 9 goals 20 assists for 29 pts.
  13. Wannabe2

    Play off money

    I know there’s been a prior thread about this, but can we please have some clarity about this money especially for those who definately dont want to go. I just put my money we’re my mouth is and paid for my numerous season tickets for next season, but having bought 3 tickets for the play offs...
  14. Wannabe2

    Blaze re-sign

    Danny Stewart will again be the Coach leading the Blaze, Blaze we’re looking very good last season and were certainly the form team, when the league closed. A strong Blaze team can only be good for the game.
  15. Wannabe2

    Freesports tonight

    Get your hockey fix from 7 tonight on Freesports..
  16. Wannabe2

    Over to you

    Name 3 players from other teams that you would have liked to have seen in a Devils shirt, mine are Paul Ferone Paxton Shulte Neil Martin over to you. Stay safe.
  17. Wannabe2

    Play off semi final

    We just stuffed the Steelers 5-1, onwards and upwards to the final tomorrow. Bring it on.
  18. Wannabe2

    Is this the 1st signing in the league

    Tyson Fawcet has re-signed for the Manchester Storm, Finnerty said they both wanted to tie this thing up, is this the 1st signing for next season.???
  19. Wannabe2

    Now on freesport

    Clan v Devils on freesports now.
  20. Wannabe2

    Fitzy released by Clan

    Zach Fitzgerald has been released by Glasgow Clan, was expected I think wasnt their greatest season.