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    Bownsy at Graz

    Not a great first period for bownsy, down 4-3 at the end of the first. TBF defence doesn't really seem to be a thing for either side.
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    Viola arena no more? (IAW is back)

    I notice that some devils Comms are now referring to Ice arena Wales, rather than the viola - though the website still refers to viola. Has the sponsorship deal come to an end? Also, is it this summer that the peacocks deal finishes?
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    Signing announcement

    So, who do we think this will be tomorrow? I'd love it to be fournier or McNamee, but I'm thinking duggan, Myers or batch.
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    Ackered is leaving Guildford for dukla trenchin. That's a big gap for them to fill. I wonder if this is about covid19 uncertainty, frustration at Guildford not really progressing into challengers, more money, or something else.
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    Bracknell closed I fear that this might be the first of several.
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    By my reckoning the sponsorship deal with peacocks ends this summer. I wonder how much of challenge it will be for the club to get a new deal with with peacocks, or someone else, given the situation at the moment and the uncertainty around next season. Ordinarily I'd expect, given their success...
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    CHL draw An interesting split between the pots with some DEL clubs in both pots, but clubs from the same country not being allowed to meet in the round of 32. I see on the Facebook thread about...
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    Jared aulin [Post contains graphic image]

    Looks like a horrible injury to him. Apparently a skate blade to the wrist. Thankfully he's ok. Big thread on twitter about it and a graphic photo.
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    Plymouth rink IMHO an ideal location for a rink. A pity the planned capacity is so small though. It would have made an ideal elite league city.
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    CHL final

    Frolunda are deserving champions. The best team I've seen.
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    Team GB squad

    What are people's views on the squad? Given his form of late it's a pity duggan hasn't been given the call.
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    Junior development

    Ok, forgive my ignorance here (I was away from hockey for a number of years), but this is something genuinely puzzling to me. I see that another Sheffield product is making a big impact at the u20s. It's good to see a conveyor of talent there. But my question is, what's happened to junior...
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    Celebrity EIHL fans

    I was reading this: and I wondered what celebs follow EIHL teams, and whether that was something the league might use for publicity. I know that David hasselhoff has been known to watch the devils, and...
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    Panthers and blaze kit clash

    Goodness, how hard can it be? I suppose with this craze for special occasion kits, something like this was bound to happen. Makes the league look a bit Micky mouse of you ask me.
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    Unpopular opinion: NHL meh

    We're a bit spoilt with all of the hockey that freesports brings us these days. It struck me recently though how awful many NHL games are. The lower teams produce chippy affairs where skilled players get little chance to show it off. Don't get me wrong, the NHL has the best players and arenas...
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    CHL semis

    Mountfield and frolunda are both through to the CHL semis. It just goes to show how tough our CHL group was, and how well the devils did this year.
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    Bristol arena This is interesting in terms of size and competition for Cardiff's new arena. No mention of events like hockey though, and it's hard to imagine an arena team with no nearby practice ice.
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    Good luck panthers

    Nottingham start their continental cup campaign this weekend. I hope they do well, and maybe earn the eihl a second CHL slot again. All games to be shown live on you tube.
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    Simms interview

    An interesting pre match talk with Simms and Franny. Some interesting points about new entrants to the league and the costs of setting up arena teams. I even found myself agreeing with him on some subjects, particularly on the consistency of officials. I did however think his comments about DOPS...
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    EIHL franchise expression of interest

    I see that the EIHL is inviting applications for new franchises. I would expect to see Edinburgh and MK to try again, as well as possibly Leeds. I can't imagine there being many other possible sites, though I'm surprised that things have never taken off in Blackburn. As a side issue, the KHL are...