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    Mark Louis signs for Dukla Michalovce

    A tryout contract for the Slovakian ExtraLiga outfit.
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    Riley retires!

    Exactly what it says on the tin!
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    DEL & EBEL - Coronavirus, remaining fixtures cancelled!

    DEL and EBEL have announced that due to Covid19 restrictions they have ended their respective season fixtures!
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    Terrible news today!

    Terrible news today that Cardiff City player Emiliano Sala was the passenger on a small private plane that went missing over the English Channel last night. Sala was City’s new record signing and was flying from Nantes to Cardiff along with the pilot when the light aircraft dropped off the...
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    Devils take over lease of IAW??

    Rumour is that the Devils ownership has taken over the lease of the IAW. Whether this is the case or they have just taken over the day to day management of the facility I don’t know. Hopefully we will hear from the ownership and they can confirm the former. Fantastic news if true tho.
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    Zack Fitzgerald........You beauty!!!!

    What a moron! Long may it continue!
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    Face Off change ?

    Does the club have any plans to move the face-off time back for the Hull game on Feb 26th to avoid clashing with the Carling Cup Final between Cardiff and Liverpool?
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    Jeff Ulmer anyone??????????????????????????

    Franfurt Lions have today it seems.... been put into liquidation and subsequently kicked out of the DEL, making Jeff and the rest of the team available to sign!!!
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    devils sign centre.....

    Devils sign centre Scott Matzka..... allegedly! Played in Finland last season and Ahl experience... put up points everywhere he has played!
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    Steelers get a turkey for thanksgiving!

    Joe Dustin!! They were expecting NHL,this is more like DHL!! How the mighty have fallen!!