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    Government Announces Rescue Package

    I hope it’s not a 10 way even split as it’s meant to ensure that the 10 clubs survive the shutdown. clearly, some clubs have much larger overheads (running costs) than others so each club needs to cover their own costs to ensure survival. Each club should submit their legitimate cost to...
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    Viola arena no more? (IAW is back)

    The BAFL is an amateur league and has nothing to do with the NFL. The London Blitz are an amateur team in an amateur league. The standard of play is poor, the facilities are poor and if I’m not mistaken it’s probably free to watch their games. North American sports, be they NFL NHL NBA or MLB...
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    Viola arena no more? (IAW is back)

    The NHL would never be interested in spending its time or money in developing hockey in the UK regardless of whether we have great arenas around the UK any more than the NFL are interested in the UK. The NFL are interested in London! Not Cardiff, Sheffield or Edinburgh or any other provincial...
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    What the hell!

    Oh dear. Looks like a nailed on infringement of IP copyright!
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    Mark Louis signs for Dukla Michalovce

    A tryout contract for the Slovakian ExtraLiga outfit.
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    Riley retires!

    Exactly what it says on the tin!
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    Upcoming season thoughts

    They play outdoors!
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    Joey Martin on a One Year Deal to Norway

    As has been said many times by fans and more importantly by the owners, we’re a ‘bums on seats’ league, we need full capacity arenas/rinks for the business model to work. That won’t happen until there’s a proven vaccine available and more to the point a vaccine that has been administered to the...
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    Joey Martin on a One Year Deal to Norway

    Panthers never stand in anybody’s way! Particularly on the ice! Look, you’ve got an agenda that’s plain to see, but to infer or insinuate that the Devils ownership have been anything less than helpful and not have the players best interests at the forefront of the decision making is completely...
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    Signing announcement

    Quick and simple answer to your question is Coronavirus ISN’T a flu. It has more genetic similarities to the common cold which has been around ‘forever’ and we still have no cure or vaccination for that!
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    Bowns Departure Confirmed By Devils

    Kamil Kosowski, Polish born and trained NM played half a season for the Devils a few years back. Represented Poland and played for Tychy. A decent nm if I recall!
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    Viola arena no more? (IAW is back)

    Viola sponsorship deal is no more.
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    Mike McNamee returns for season #2

    3 confirmed but Matt Myers (4) ain’t going anywhere.
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    Mike McNamee returns for season #2

    Quality player with loads of potential, can play up or down the lines and great on face-offs. A future core player! 4 quality centres for next season, when and if next season starts.
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    Rumour mill

    Fournier to Austria!
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    Upcoming season thoughts

    Govt and RL sources say that loan is structured in such a way that it “won’t be a burden”.
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    Upcoming season thoughts

    Yes, you’re correct RL is a bigger sport, however as I say the precedent has already been set. It’s now all about lobbying Oliver Dowden, Minister for Culture, Media and Sport!
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    Upcoming season thoughts

    I believe the UK Government have already agreed a £16M payout to Rugby League to “protect the sport “. This I believe was agreed back in April when the Rugby League had to cancel their upcoming season. The precedent has already been set!
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    Upcoming season thoughts

    Is it indoor cricket played on ice in a chilled arena?
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    I’d be absolutely amazed if we didn’t lose Fournier to mainland Europe this year!