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  1. KaneDevils

    Champions league final

    Hey guys. Long time no see! Just wanted to share this with whoever' is interested. The final tonight is available for EVERYONE, FREE. B.T will screen the game, live from kiev, to EVERYONE. You don't need to subsribe. It's available via the B.T sport website, the app and through their YouTube...
  2. KaneDevils

    Destiny 2 ps4

    Hi guys. So, destiny 2 is just a couple of weeks old. Any of you playing it? What are your thoughts on it? Are you looking to join a clan? What class and level are you at? Chat away ......
  3. KaneDevils

    Who was selling devils jersey in damaged frame?

    Hi all. Someone was selling a signed devils jersey in a slightly damaged frame. I can't find the thread and can't, for the life of me, remember who was selling. My interest might be rekindling if still for sale?
  4. KaneDevils

    NHL 17 PS4

    Currently £19.99 on PS store. Deal ends March 8th.
  5. KaneDevils

    The Stanley cup

    Very surprised there isn't a thread on this at the moment. I've been watching religiously and enjoying every second. Who has impressed you? Who's disappointed? Who will win the cup? My tip for the cup would be Tampa bay. Great pk, great pp, great netminding. With all those performing, it will...
  6. KaneDevils

    Steelers Vs Panthers Updates

    So, first period ends in the "other game". Sheffield scoring late to take a 1 nothing lead. The home side look a bit nervous, not creating a great deal. Panthers had one PP opportunity and looked dangerous and have had the best chances so far. Pinc playing well making some good saves in the...
  7. KaneDevils

    Team GB on TV

    Don't forget folks, all those with premier sports, GB games this week. Thursday, Saturday and Sunday I believe. :RAWK
  8. KaneDevils

    Android (Sports) App

    Hi all. Just wanted to spread the word, so to speak, about an Android app that enables you to watch a whole host of channels, inc sports. Sky sports, BT sports and even Premiere sports. As far as I'm aware, its all totally legal and above board, and its FREE. Mobdro its called. Now, I've used...
  9. KaneDevils

    Live from 4pm Today

    According to bbc website, GB vs Lithuania is live from 4pm today. Just a head up really for those having a lazy Sunday! Guess the more that watch the better for future exposure. :RAWK
  10. KaneDevils


    just so everyone is aware: ... hown-live/
  11. KaneDevils

    New Look Web Cast

    I haven't yet purchased a game (for various reasons) but am looking to do so this Saturday. Before I part with my spondoolies, what are your views on it? Is it worth the money? Is the picture clear? Does in continually buffer? etc etc. Thanks in advance.
  12. KaneDevils

    Ex NHL'ers

    Would someone be kind enough to post all the ex/current NHL players to have played in the EIHL? Maybe my mate Finny? :D Thanks in advance!
  13. KaneDevils

    winter olympics - Hockey coverage

    As the winter olympics draws near (Feb 7th?) I thought it might be a good idea to keep everyone informed of tv coverage. Dates, channel, F/O times etc. I don't know about you guys, but I'd like to see as much of it as possible! We could have it as a bit of a chat thread too. Who you think will...
  14. KaneDevils

    Return of the BOOM ... -on-track/ :Pickle Well chuffed.
  15. KaneDevils


    Calling all hockey/video game enthusiasts. I rarely, if ever, fork out £40 for a new game. This year I make an exception. Maybe create a Devils team for online league/comps? Enforcer Engine - There is a code in hockey, when it is broken you have to respond. A first for the NHL franchise...
  16. KaneDevils

    Devils TV it's OFFICIAL

    Suprised this hasn't yet got a mention! Great news for those who can't make the games, and great news for those who can :) Hope the quality is good. ... -17-07-13/
  17. KaneDevils

    Blight IS back !!

    Great news, something we all wanted? ... th-devils/
  18. KaneDevils

    Devils LIVE stream TONIGHT

    Apologies if this has been mentioned, (but I don't think it has) If you can't make tonights game, fear not! It's available to watch on live stream :D ... rs-p182749 Spread the word innit.
  19. KaneDevils

    Players to be gassed? ... -patience/