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    Meland leaves the Steelers

    Meland has left the Steelers to return home, some comments on twitter have said he is leaving to become a dentist (dont know how true that part is). Steelers fans seem genuinely upset he has gone. Could be a big loss for them!
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    Pre drinks

    Just a curious message if any devils fans meet up for a drink pre game? I've recently moved to cardiff and would be keen to meet some people before hand!
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    Behind the bench podcast

    Has anyone else on here been following the behind the bench podcast with Neil Francis? I've found it really insightful to the devils over the years and given me some more info on the history of the devils, would highly recommend giving it a go...
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    Devils vs Mk 16th tickets

    Hi guys, looking for 2 tickets together for the game on Saturday. Thought I had some but was let down and now only single seats left.
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    Is anyone travelling to these games and have a spare seat?? I'm more than happy to contribute but due to last minute arrangements I've been left in the lurch!!