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    Season tickets?

    Is anybody else having trouble renewing there season ticket online? I put in the barcode, then direct debit & add code. When I do it keeps saying cart details cant be found? Any help would be appreciated.
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    Champions league away games?

    Do anyone know if these games will be shown live on freesport?
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    Devils shop?

    Does anyone know the cardiff devils shop phone number? I've been ringing the number on there website, but it keeps saying incorrect number?
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    Selling two tickets for Saturday?

    I’m selling two seats for saturdays semi finals sat in the motorpoint suite? Won them online but person wanted them can’t go? Message me if interested? I’ve already got my tickets.
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    Season ticket forms?

    I’ve filled out mine for next season? Does anybody know where we got to hand them in? Is it the main reception or the Devils office by the rink?
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    Josh batch & Craig Moore?

    Does anybody know when they are due back in the line up?
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    Season tickets?

    Does anyone know when they will be sent out or available to collect? The season is only around the corner & been no mention of them anywhere.
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    Collect season tickets?

    I'm just wondering if anybody know when the season tickets will be available to collect?
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    I'm interested in getting a season ticket, was going to pay over the dd 10 month payment, but I got told at the rink today they think the 10 month option is only open to current season ticket holders? Can anyone confirm this? Cheers.
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    season ticket application form?

    I've filled out my season ticket form for next season, must I take it down the ice rink itself? Or is there somewhere else I need to take it?
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    My mate changed his username but cant sign back in. His password is still the same. admin help me :)