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    Sam Duggan signs According to Dai sport anyway. Huge signing if true. one of the Brightest British Talents around.
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    Lacosta forced to retire!

    Just announced on Devils TV :(
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    AHL team to have Welsh Heritage night

    In a very bizzarre press release the Wilkes-Barr Scranton penguins of the AHL will have a Welsh heritage night on St Davids day 2013: ... e-penguins
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    The: They were gone too soon game!

    Inspired by the thread of least and most favouite I thought it would be fun to have a little twist on a favourites tag with this game. The rules are simply. 1 Goalie! 2 D men and 3 forwards. The only rule for selection is that they must have played less than 1 season with us. they could have...
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    Kelly gone? - Club Restructure

    So Got a text from the rink this evening saying that word is that Kelly the Commercial manager has left? Did anyone at the game hear the same? Not good news if true, With crowds down I thought we would have needed as much commercial help we could get. Although it could be a resignation for a...
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    Challenge Cup groups

    Ouch! ... on-p172433
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    Watch Tylor Michel Play today!

    Tylor has tweeted that this link here: ... ottensnytt Should be the link to watch his game live today if anyone wants to watch Tylor rip up Sweden :D
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    Paul Ragan no longer Owner of the Steelers?

    Sorry to start a new thread but it could be quite a big development. a Poster on THF who has had quite a lot to do with the EIHL right in the past is suggesting that Paul Ragan is no longer owner of the Steelers. If true would everyone be happier?
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    Muskatovs to miss 2 games. ... _1_3057875 Do the right thing Stingrays and Panthers! :lol: ;)
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    The Men behind the Planet ice curtain?

    So i've been doing some digging last week after reading the SORAC thread and I think I have some questions to pose to the Inferno. Basically looking through Planet Ice info thats freely available on Companies house it appears there are two gentleman who never ever get questioned or mentioned in...
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    Qualified for the challenge cup?

    After hull Beat Coventry tongiht are we now guaranteed to go through to the semi final of the challenge cup? I work it out that we do, but i have been known to get these things wrong :lol:
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    New D man signs....Name announced on Monday

    Just had a text from the Hull game to say that we have signed a New D man and his name will be released in the Echo on monday. Franny's words were 'he has the most number of NHL appearances in the league' Very interesting.....
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    Steelers for sale

    <<Who gonna owns the Steelers?>> Looks like the aggresive media work has paid off, and bob has agreed to sell the club.
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    Justin Sawyer Beefs up the blue line

    <<LINK>> Well that should keep everyone happy with what G promised we would have a no nonsense D man to help Voth out! Very encouraging that he was an A for his team last season, obviously takes a regular shift. And isnt aafraid to drop them. Good news :D
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    Symonds set to sign

    <<According to the Echo>> Looks encouraging, we could rotate a solid set of 3 line D if Symmo does sign, which is a luxury a lot of teams cant afford. Also looks like Adams has almost got his two D men, cant wait to see who they will be :D
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    Devils Sign Sam Smith ... -26614827/ Looks a very promising prospect indeed, great size for a British player you dont usually get a guy with his size at his age. Looking forward to seeing what he can do :D
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    Devils look to bring back Michel

    <<Link>> Excellent news, for this sort of info to be released it should mean we will be seeing Some Tylor Magic again next season :D
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    Dissertation Survey

    Hello Inferno! I was wondering if you good people here could do me a favour and take a few minutes out of your busy days to complete this quick survey on podcasting for my dissertation that i'm writing? The Survey can be found <<HERE>> Thank you all in Advance! Gaz
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    Playoff final to be shown live on sky!

    According to sky digitals EPG the ice hockey playoff final next weekend from nottingham will be shown live on Sky Sports 2 from 4pm for anyone who cant make it. Now who's got some Tissues El Supremo can use? :lol:
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    Official Complaints thread 2010

    It was brought to my attention on the weekend that people visiting the tent like a moan. I know i know i was as shocked as you were :shock: But after careful consideration between myself and a number of hockey fans at the game we thought it pertinent to bring up a number of complaints to be...