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    Over to you

    Adam Calder Neil Martin David clarke
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    season tkts

    Email katrina mate, I had problems with mine. She emailed me back & sorted it within a hour.
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    season tkts

    I applied for my season ticket on the 18th February, I'm still waiting for my email from go cardless.
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    Season tickets?

    Has anyone received there email from go cardless yet? Renewed online on the 18tj February, but had nothing yet? I know they are busy with everything going on, just curious that's all.
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    Cardiff Devils 2019/20.

    If I had to choose a import net minder from this season, my choice would be matt ginn from the storm. Think he's a outstanding netminder. Although I still hope bowns returns though. Brits - like the look of cownie from Dundee, think hed be a good addition.
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    Tickets on sale monday for cc final.

    I've got to Seats for the final in block 4 row d seat 13 & 14? Obviously I'm grateful for getting a ticket, but was looking to sit block 7 or 8? Was wondering if anyone who usually sits in 4 would like to swap?
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    Season tickets?

    Is anybody else having trouble renewing there season ticket online? I put in the barcode, then direct debit & add code. When I do it keeps saying cart details cant be found? Any help would be appreciated.
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    Who’s going tonight???

    I'm trying to renew my season ticket online, but having trouble? Anybody else have a issue? Puts in direct debit, it keeps saying cart details could not be found?
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    Devils Vs Giants - 23/24 Nov 19 - League

    No mark Louis tonight, interesting decision unless he got a knock yesterday.
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    Jersey update

    Nope nothing, they did say on Twitter they'll be available to collect tomorrow at the game, haven't heard nothing since though. Ordered mine September 8th.
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    Jersey update

    Still nothing on the jerseys, apparently supposed to be here this weekend.
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    Jersey update

    Do anybody know when the next load of shirts are being delivered? Still haven't heard anything about mine.
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    Blaze vs Devils - 22 Sept 19 - CC

    Shocking yet again. Didnt get out of our zone most of the period, couldn't string two passes together. ZERO physicality, no fight, just very poor.
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    Shirt purchase

    I thought it was me, I absolutely hate going into the shop because of corky in particular. He is very rude, not helpful at all. This is why I'm waiting for the new jerseys to come online so I can order one. Anything to avoid going into the shop!!!
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    Champions league away games?

    Do anyone know if these games will be shown live on freesport?
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    Shirt purchase

    Do anyone know when the jerseys will be online to order? I've tweeted the devils, but as usual got no reply.
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    Shirt purchase

    Do anyone know if the new black Jersey is available in the devils shop?
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    Fife Flyers v Devils

    Mine is doing the same thing saying it's already been purchased from January, just going straight to the stream not giving the option to buy. Hopefully it just comes on.
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    Storm Vs Devils - 2 Feb 2019 - League

    Is anybody's webcast working? Mine ain't for some reason.
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    Drew Schiestel Signs

    No I got the webcast & he didn't ice, don't know why?