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  1. Hedd Wyn John

    New Devils coach found!

    Devils GM Todd Kelman has revealed that the new Cardiff Devils coach haa been found according to a statement put out this afternoon on the Cardiff Devils Twitter page: "We always said we wanted a coach who's committed to the Devils long-term. We've found our guy." - Todd Kelman...
  2. Hedd Wyn John

    Official: 2020-2021 League suspended

    It's official, I guess nobody is surprised by this. The league has been suspended for this year. see link below: Edit: if regulations change there may be a shortened league at some point in the new year.
  3. Hedd Wyn John

    Duggan departs to Sweden Duggan is flying out to play in Sweden this year. Silver lining is he'll get some decent ice time to keep him sharp.
  4. Hedd Wyn John

    New Jersey release

    OK so according to the Cardiff Devils website the new 2020-21 merchandise range is being released in October. This will include the new Jersey designs for the season. Now we all know merchandise is vital source of revenue for the devils, especially Jersey sales. However as we all know its up in...
  5. Hedd Wyn John

    Cardiff Devils fan survey

    The Cardiff Devils social media team have just posted a fan survey. In case you haven't seen it already, I thought it would be helpful to post the link below: Cardiff Devils fan survey It literally takes a couple of minutes to fill in, I hope everyone can take the time to respond with their...
  6. Hedd Wyn John

    New season = rebuilding season?

    With both head coach Andrew Lord & assistant coach Luke Piggott leaving for pastures new & rumours that big name players will be moving on next season. Seeing as the devils has been such a tight outfit these last few seasons do you think ithe next season for the devils will turn into a...
  7. Hedd Wyn John

    Global Reach car park

    Just a heads up to the Devils fans using Global Reach car park (the office block over the road from wilcox House behind Harvester) Theres now parking enforcement, my other half just got a fine of £60 (if you pay within 14 days, £100 if you don't. It looked like other cars may have been ticketed...
  8. Hedd Wyn John

    Linglet is back in business!

    What a complete performance from Charles Linglet tonight. He was a man on a mission chasing that puck & once his first goal went in he seemed to step up a gear to earn a well deserved hat trick. The Stars proved a tough opponent but linglet was key in taking the game by the scruff of the neck...
  9. Hedd Wyn John

    Bowns critics

    Ok so after that man of the match performance where Ben Bowns without a shadow of a doubt won that Play-off final for the Devils where are all those Bowns critics gone?
  10. Hedd Wyn John

    Ticket issue

    My sister went to the game last night with tickets on her phone,they were scanned & she & my niece got in fine. Anyhow a guy came up to her with paper tickets for the same seat, so she went to check her phone & the battery had died (my niece has the superpower of being able to drain every...
  11. Hedd Wyn John

    Can anyone stop Belfast?

    Looking at Belfast right now they are absolutely on fire, tearing teams apart - can anyone stop them? I think having a competitive EIHL is fantastic so it’s great to see top quality teams battling it out but right now I wonder if anyone can compete with Belfast. They are fast, clinical with...
  12. Hedd Wyn John

    Jersey size for Women

    My other half is a size 8. I’d like to get her a jersey as a surprise. Does someone know what jersey size would be suitable?
  13. Hedd Wyn John

    Todd K

    Was Todd Kelman at the game tonight? I didn’t see him.
  14. Hedd Wyn John

    Abuse being hurled at Devils Management In case anyone hasn’t seen this yet but Todd Kelman has responded to criticism regarding 4pm starts, anyway he talks about the abuse he has received from Devils fans (mainly ST holders by the looks of it). By the sounds of it...
  15. Hedd Wyn John

    Player jersey size chart

    I thought it might be good to Compile a list of the jersey size that players wear. So far I know that: #23 Asselin = XL #25 Strachan = XXL Can members chip in if they have any info please? Thanks
  16. Hedd Wyn John

    Short handed goals

    The Devils have just conceded their 9th short handed goal in the league this season, the 2nd worst in the league I’m told. Is this an issue the Devils need to sort out? In a tight game such as the one vs the Gjants tonight it could prove very costly. Is it just down to sloppy play or are the...
  17. Hedd Wyn John

    Idea: Elite League TV service

    What are your thoughts on having a unified web based tv service for the Elite League? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you had one service, one website that you could go on to and subject to payment (like a subscription) watch webcasts for all Elite league games., playoffs etc? Personally I feel it...
  18. Hedd Wyn John

    Best hockey app

    hey guys, anyone know of a decent app that you can use to keep update with U.K. hockey results and tables. I have the NHL app and wondered if there’s anything similar for U.K. hockey?
  19. Hedd Wyn John

    Best way to wash a jersey

    hi all, anyone with advice on best way to wash a standard Devils jersey without ruining it? I’ve got a red jersey (the current one) it’s been worn a few times now & needs a wash but I’ve never washed a hockey jersey before & don’t wanna wreck it. Thanks
  20. Hedd Wyn John

    Hymns and Arias

    I thought it was great hearing hymns & arias last night & the crowd response was terrific, when the music stopped the crowd carried on singing - just like in a rugby or football ground. We deffo need more of this going forward, the drums and chants of Letsgodevils are fine but don’t really stand...