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    NIHL Streaming Series: MK/Sheffield/Swindon

    3 teams: Milton Keynes Lightning, Sheffield Steeldogs and Swindon Wildcats No fans in-person attendance. Games will all be streamed. Tickets will be priced at £12. Fixture dates: 14 Nov – Swindon vs MK (18:15) 15 Nov – Sheffield vs Swindon (17:30) 21 Nov – MK vs Swindon (19:00) 22 Nov – Swindon...
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    Murrayfield rink petition.

    “Stop Murrayfield Ice rink from closing it’s doors for good.” I’m not a huge fan of online petitions but I’m still in touch with a few Caps fans from past Play Off Final Weekends and it's so hard to replace these facilities once they are lost. It’s pretty much the only reason I’d have for going...
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    IIHF Worlds 2020 ... Cancelled
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    Ticket Refunds

    Anyone else checked their card statements over the last day or two? It looks like I have received refunds for some of the March tickets. Unannounced, unrequested, some from the Devils and probably Steelers too by the looks of it.
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    EIHL 2020/21 Arena Webcast

    Speculating. No idea of the actual logistics... It seems clear (from various throwaway remarks in various interviews) that, financially, Dundee Stars and Fife Flyers are hit particularly hard by the premature end to the season. Neither arena is particularly large and they are far enough North...
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    Premier Sports

    I know several of us took out Premier Sport subscriptions for the Challenge Cup Final, thinking they also carry us through the Stanley Cup. Probably going to wait a couple of weeks, but in the complete absence of hockey I'll be looking to cancel this sooner than I expected.
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    Matthew Myers Testimonial?

    Obviously a huge amount going on in the background at the moment, but I find myself wondering how the testimonial events/season are effected by all of this.
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    DOPS Changes
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    GB W18 vs Poland

    Live on YouTube ... now. Polski Hokej
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    NHL: Headed Goal

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    #WallyNight Wow! Full marks for this and everyone involved in making it happen.
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    New Guy at 5pm ... ?

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    Genuine question, not having a go, just interested in people’s thoughts ... It’s clear from reading this forum that a lot of people really rate Dixon and I’m curious as to why... simply because I know a couple of people who don’t and, significantly, it is really the ONLY Devils/Hockey topic...
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    Does anyone know if Sointu is still a Devil? Best info seemed to be that his initial contract was until end September.
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    Beaverton NHL

    Rest of Canada relieved they no longer have to cheer for Boston Leafs tickets 33% off since team only plays two periods...
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    EIHL Tonight: SHEvNOT - GLAvDUN

    07:04 - Goal for team Nottingham Panthers 0:1 08:28 - Short-handed Goal for team Nottingham Panthers 0:2 - Scored by Alexis Loiseau, assisted by Brian Connelly 13:54 - Short-handed Goal for team Nottingham Panthers 0:3 - Scored by Samuel Herr, assisted by Robert Lachowicz 06:29 - Goal for team...
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    TAZ 2.0

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    EIHL Conference Tables

    Am I missing something or do the Conference Tables on the Elite League website not add up properly? I’m assuming: W 2pts, L 0pts, OTL 1pt ... but if that’s correct these tables are bizarre.
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    Print-at-Home Tickets

    Do you actually have to PRINT the Print-at-Home tickets? If, for example, I have my iPad/iPhone with me but the actual printed copies are sitting at home on the table (and there is no way I have time to get back and retrieve them), can they just scan the tickets from my screen?
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    Cardiff Bay Toys R Us store site 'to become beach'

    A "beach-style leisure destination" could be brought to Cardiff after the council successfully bid for land previously used by Toys R Us. The toy retailer announced it was going into administration on 27 February and Cardiff Council has agreed to take back the lease of the Cardiff Bay store...