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  1. CDevilsFan666


    Now that Mo has unfortunately retired, who would you like to see as our captain?
  2. CDevilsFan666

    The cage

    Just want to say I’m a bit miffed at the cage forum. I just made an account and commented on a post by a “devils fan” trying to troll them. I was just trying to explain that not all devils fans were like him and said how I’d take Golovkovs on our 3rd line anyday. Then some bloke says I’m the...
  3. CDevilsFan666

    Potential lines?

    So as we’ve got a near full team these are my predictions for the lines: ? Martin Riley Linglet Dixon Pope Masi McNamee Haddad Batchy Myers Duggan Fournier Louis ? ? ? ? Bownsy ? Seems a very, very strong side to me, just need to sign a few more...