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  1. MikeWare's DeathGlare

    This years shirts

    Any idea of what the sizing is like on these, compared to say chl/league of previous years.
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    Semi final on Freesports at the mo Lakers vs Tigers Puts it in perspective (how well we did) when the two teams that qualified from our group, made it to the semi's and now are battling it out to be in the final.
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    Hall of Fame

    So there has been some mention of this with the lease takeover, so here is a place for us to suggest possible hall/wall of famers and also the different ways in how the org can display them. I missed out on the tent so the majority of choices I would make would be from the late bsl into...
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    Continental Cup

    Steelers are currently losing 3-0 after the 1st, if anyone is interested
  5. MikeWare's DeathGlare

    Todd Kelman interview pretty good listen, there's also a matt myers interview a little further down the page if anyone wants to learn about evan mosey's remote :)