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    Champions Hockey League 2021/2022

    I suspect that entry to the CHL is not just about league table positions.The Devils organisation and their fans have put in one hell of an effort to give a good account of themselves in europe. I would not have minded if we were not in the CHL next season as the Devils organisation have a...
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    Xmas and New Year

    Just to wish all on here a great xmas and hoping for a better new year with some hockey. Same wishes to TK,Katrina,Zack and all the Devils team especially our great owners and families.
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    Cardiff Bay “Masterplan” including a 15,000 seater arena!

    Hi mate happy xmas dont have your contact for a card
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    Devils abroad with lordo

    First Swamp Rabbits game Dec11th
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    Devils abroad with lordo

    i note the comment about watching these games online. Does anyone know who streams these games.?
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    Government Announces Rescue Package

    The welsh government has done a risk assessment on ice rinks and decided the risk is too high.
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    Mark Louis KO punch

    What sort of disciplne did he get?
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    Expert advice needed on Cardiff devils jerseys

    I would say though that they look like replicas Shinedog shirts are good quality.
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    New Jerseys

    Just for info i have ordered a 3XL direct from Andy not from the shop. If anyone wants the larger size give them a call before the order goes in.
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    Lord in Greenville

    I may be wrong but i think Trump has got a rally there today.
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    Viola arena no more? (IAW is back)

    I always thought that BT was one of our best sponsors serious committment to the Devils. Perhaps with their new interest in NHL and i think John Jones is still around.
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    Ben O’Connor .....

    I agree he must have personal reasons for staying around Sheffield.I dont think this is a good move by him.
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    Ben O’Connor .....

    He needs to work obviously but as a GB stalwart he will need to keep up his standard
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    New Devils coach found!

    He certainly has had a colourful career. His PIM's will go down well with some. I think this is very good news and welcome thim and his family.
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    Official: 2020-2021 League suspended

    Will you be organising buses Nathan?
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    Grazzers99 release netminder ....

    He is listed as part of their roster(rumoured). Graz have had a bit of a clearout by the look of it.
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    Luke Piggot

    So sorry to see him go he will be a loss to our organisation. It is a great opportunity for him and will further advance his career. I am sure he will find plenty of recreational hockey in Switzerland. Many thanks Luke and best wishes.
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    Not great news for the Clan ....

    Bad news from the INTU group this morning looks as though they are in financial difficulties. One of their shopping malls is Braehead
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    New Coach.....

    Just to add some names to the pot but Sully must take a chill pill. Doug Christensen(now ECHL Coach),Mario Simioni in Denmark and an old favourite Chris McSorley
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    Recently announced that Tampa have a number of confirmed COVID cases in their squad.