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  1. Kevlar68

    Nice little interesting article

    Got some real bad boys on here.
  2. Kevlar68

    Raffle idea

    The shirts, helmets and sticks must be starting to dry up by now so......what about raffling off a pair of untaken seats for the season? There are quite allot of available seats. Limit the raffle to 300 tickets so the odds are good. Pair of Gold seats raffle £15 a ticket. Raffle total £4500...
  3. Kevlar68

    Who profits from these then

    Found these on ebay and i'm sure its not Devils Org. official merch.
  4. Kevlar68

    NHL Reverse Retros for sale

    Being as i have had a few people ordering shirts with me through the inferno i thought i would put my newest shirts on here for 3 days only for Devils fans who follow the NHL, after Monday i will put them on my page for general public sale and they will no longer be available through here but i...
  5. Kevlar68

    NHL results, highlights and chat

    Here you can watch all the highlights of every game from the NHL.;/g/11fsxhp6v1;7;/m/05gwr;mt;fp;1;;
  6. Kevlar68

    New Vegas Knights 2021 Third jersey - Size L for sale

    Vegas Knights 2021 Replica Third Jersey for sale - New with tags - Size L Pit to pit 64 Neck to Hem 78 Only selling this jersey on here as when i opened it to take pictures found it had a thread pull so can't sell on my page. All 2021 shirts i sell for £45 - £48 but due to thread pull...
  7. Kevlar68

    Favourite Jersey

    Just to keep the forum ticking over lets see what people have as their favourite design ice hockey jersey of all time. Add a picture if you can as we may not know what the design looks like. It can be from any league from any era. I've liked a few of the European sides shirts as always get a...
  8. Kevlar68

    What the hell!

    Has anyone seen this jersey before? It says it's a German team.
  9. Kevlar68

    Any updates on our Devils players in Europe

    I'm not that good on following the leagues around Europe but I'm sure there are a few on here who keep an eye on them. Does anyone have any news on our Devils players who are out on loan? Are they playing? What lines are they on? Any assists, goals or penalty minutes? Any update for this...
  10. Kevlar68

    Ryan Reynolds takeover bid

    Just been reading an article that Ryan Reynolds the Hollywood actor is looking to takeover Wrexham F. C. Now there is a target we could go for in sponsorship (not ownership) especially if he comes to Wales. He's Canadian, he's a Canucks fan, get him a jersey, get him to a game (when possible)...
  11. Kevlar68

    Any christmas game worn jersey

    Looking for a game worn Christmas jersey. It's not for me, I hate Christmas, bah humbug! Not going to pay silly money but if anyone has one they want shot of let me know. Many thanks
  12. Kevlar68

    An NHL update on its return.

    Looking good for some ice hockey.
  13. Kevlar68

    Cardiff Devils fans regret

    Just to keep the good old forum going as haven't got any hockey to talk about. Is there any regrets out there from Devils fans. Is there a player you regret we didn't sign when it looked like we would? Is there a game you regret not going to? Is there a player you regret seeing go? Is there a...
  14. Kevlar68

    BBC sports today - blast from the past
  15. Kevlar68

    POFW Refund

    Just had a invoice email from Nottingham Arena and been refunded today.
  16. Kevlar68

    EIHL/NIHL Cup competition?

    Instead of the Challenge Cup would a Cup competition between all league teams be better like the F.A. Cup. There may be giant killing game (Not aimed at Belfast), some up and coming talent could be spotted, could give the smaller teams some extra revenue. may get to see Petr Cech in action. A...
  17. Kevlar68

    Isolation ice hockey fantasy viewing.

    So we're in lockdown, told to stay in and we got no hockey to watch. You get the choice of ONLY 3 British ice hockey games on repeat every day (They don't have to be Devils games). One in morning, one in afternoon, one in the evening. You only get one choice, you can't do a "either, or" Which...
  18. Kevlar68

    Email with regards to tickets bought.

    OK, just read the email which is fine about choosing a game in next years fixture to replace the tickets bought for this season BUT to not offer a refund option isn't that good. What if you were visiting from outside Cardiff during this seasons games and decided to take in a game like i did in...
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    NHL statement i just received

    Just got this in my email.
  20. Kevlar68

    Our first NHL Calgary experience

    In Calgary at the moment with a barmy -12 deg and snow and going to be -16 by 9pm. Went to our second Flames game last night with Vegas Knights tomorrow. Seeing the game live is awesome. I've watched it on TV but up close it is so much faster and the skill is beyond. Over the 2 games we've seen...