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  1. The_Puck

    Riley called up to Spengler Cup

    Riley has been called up to the Spengler Cup which means he will miss the rest of the games this calendar year. Massive congratulations to him as it will be an honour for him to represent his country. Just a shame as we will miss him these next few games.
  2. The_Puck

    EIHL changes 2020-2021

    Looking at these changes, it looks like they are trying to reduce teams from changing lots of players continually throughout the year, and they have also reduced the import limit by 1 as well to 13. This means that recruitment in the off season is more important now than ever.
  3. The_Puck

    Maths ahead of this weeks games

    I’ve worked out every case scenario of what could happen this week. I may be wrong on 1 or 2 scenarios but I’m pretty confident with my workings out. 1) If we get 3 points we win the league. 2) If Belfast lose in regulation against Coventry and lose in any way against Fife on Friday, we win...
  4. The_Puck

    Panthers vs Devils Saturday FREE on YouTube

    Panthers have actually provided a webcast on Saturday - AND ITS FREE
  5. The_Puck

    Songs and Chants suggestions thread

    Hi all, I've been looking on this forum for the past few months now, and what has come to my attention is the fact that some users want more chants than 'Lets go Devils', and personally I agree with this as well. Therefore, I have created this thread to allow everyone on here to come up with any...
  6. The_Puck

    Big Blue Tent in Minecraft

    I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place. Feel free to move this thread into General Chat if necessary. When we were still playing in the BBT, i took a lot of pictures of the building knowing that one day i would create the place in Minecraft. (Minecraft is a game where people can make anything...
  7. The_Puck

    Goal song change?

    Hi everyone, This is my first post on the inferno. I am a young(ish) fan so don't be too mean if i upset anyone. I have questioned myself if we should think about changing our goal song when we score a goal. I think this because i feel that our current goal song isn't that engaging with the...