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    Xmas and New Year

    Just to wish all on here a great xmas and hoping for a better new year with some hockey. Same wishes to TK,Katrina,Zack and all the Devils team especially our great owners and families.
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    Luke Piggot

    So sorry to see him go he will be a loss to our organisation. It is a great opportunity for him and will further advance his career. I am sure he will find plenty of recreational hockey in Switzerland. Many thanks Luke and best wishes.
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    They have announced an end to the season but will now organise the playoffs. Top 24 teams to playoff with training starting in July. Games to be played in "Hub" cities not yet selected.
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    Jim Mannings

    I am sure that most fans already know but Jim died on the weekend.
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    The Calgary Devils

    Just a message for our chief Devils in Calgary. I know all Devils fans are hoping you and your families are OK during these difficult times. Also hope your businesses are not suffering too much.
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    EIHL 10 team event

    This looks like it could be interesting. Could be a a new promising occasion.
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    Devils Players

    Can the club let us know if all the players and their families have got home OK.
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    Freesports Coverage

    CHL Final Tuesday 4th Live. GB Olympic Qualifiers live Thursday to Sunday
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    CHL Semi Finals 2nd leg

    Live on Freesports from 5pm? Will Frolunda succeed after their home defeat to Lulea and will Mountfield continue their winning run after being thrashed by the Devils in the group stages
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    Evan Mosey

    Is there any indication when Mosey will return
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    Team Canada

    Visting the UK early May to play in Nottingham ahead of World Championships
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    Frolunda just went down 6-3 to Farjestad in the first leg. Mountfield game tomorrow.
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    Sheffield Flooding

    Sheffield and surrounding area have been hit by severe flooding last night. Wishing the Steelers players and fans are OK and still on for tomorrow
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    Challenge Cup Qtr Finals

    Looking at the draw Dundee have picked Clan.Steelers next pick will probably go for Panthers for money reasons. Flames might think we would be a soft touch but will likely go for Storm/Blaze winner. Leaving us our good buddies the Giants. Just guessing of course.
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    Music at the game.

    It is great to hear a variation in the pregame music but why is it played so quietly? I know my hearing is going but playing Zombie like a quiet ballad is bonkers
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    Olympic Qualifiers

    Will the Red Army travel be organising anything for this tournament in February
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    The Clan

    Was not happy when we lost to the Clan in the second game. I am having a rethink now.They are top of the league and are putting top rated teams to the sword not just us. Looks like Fitzgerald has got them motivated.
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    Belfast vLiberec

    CHL have suspended 88 Bulir for the retaliation hit. He got i game plus 600 euro fine. Pelech hit deemed fair.
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    Parking pre Season

    Will the Toys r us and Wilcox house car parks be open for preseason games.
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    Pre Season Training

    Does anyone know when the Devils are due to start their preseason training