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    Rumour mill

    To leaf or not to leaf.. tough one!
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    Email with regards to tickets bought.

    Yes, I was very surprised of no refund option, surely it’s a given to offer this option as they have not provided you the service you have paid for. I for one will be happy to rearrange, however I can see why others would not be.
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    Steelers in the .....

    A lot easier to stay top of the league when you play more games than any other team.. imo I think it may come down to how this season ended, but who knows.
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    Challenge cup ticket!

    All gone within 20 seconds then it started glitching popping yellow light randomly for seats that actually weren’t available..
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    Challenge Cup Final Tickets: Wanted/For Sale

    If we’re queuing up here, then I’m looking for 2 tickets together devils section if any become available. Worth a try I guess :/.
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    Tickets on sale monday for cc final.

    Would it not make more sense to lock the seat once committed to the basket and have a cooldown or say 5-10mins etc like any other decent ticketing system.. baffles me!
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    Tickets on sale monday for cc final.

    Joke of a system, had seats in my basket then they randomly disappear, and then seats flickering yellow and grey randomly for another 5 mins..
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    Tickets on sale monday for cc final.

    If it’s anything like the last few years, the site will crash the tickets will remain locked for a certain period of time then randomly become available, it’ll just be pot luck/timing
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    Challenge cup ticket!

    I’d be interested in these tickets if you decide not to go and they become available :).
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    Live Stream

    What a load of crap icetimetv was tonight, not usually a problem, but after connection issues it would then randomly buffer/freeze/catchup intermittently.
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    Shirt framing

    Anyone have suggestions of a frame size for an XL jersey?
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    Devils vs Panthers - 14 Dec 19 - League

    No Masi again tonight, is he fit?
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    Flyers vs Devils - 8 Dec 19 - League

    Nvm just started.
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    Flyers vs Devils - 8 Dec 19 - League

    Anyone got the webcast to work, mine still says.. “Live stream will begin a short time before face off”. Isn’t FO 5;30?
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    Devils Vs Flyers - 17 Nov 19 - League

    Pretty sure it wasn’t pope which makes me question how much you saw of it :D. Anyway happy with the result.
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    Devils Vs Flyers - 17 Nov 19 - League

    I believe he did slide abit out of his crease when it happened, if my memory serves me correctly. Plus the defenceman didn’t help the cause, bundling them together.
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    Clan Vs Devils - 13 Nov 19 - League

    No urgency to make grade A scoring chances until desperation sets in. Be nice to see some desperate hockey for 60 mins without it always being too late and down a goal..
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    Clan Vs Devils - 13 Nov 19 - League

    I use Live NetTV I believe it works on android devices and is free. Lots of foreign channels but Freesports is on there. Quality is smooth and decent.
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    Stars v Devils

    Not got the webcast, any substance behind this?
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    Flyers v Devils

    Cariff Evils :oops: