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    Interesting article on junior development I'd be interested in people's views on this. Clearly the conveyor belt in Cardiff seems to have been broken for historic reasons. What are people's thoughts about how this can be fixed...
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    Lukko rauma

    Just to get everyone in the mood...
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    Steelers at coventry

    Steelers taking a run at the goalie again.
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    Lack of NHL on freesport/premier

    There seems to be a distinct lack of NHL, shl etc on the premier sport channels at the moment. It looks like they haven't yet signed a deal for the NHL - and neither has BT sport for that matter. The normal monthly fee seems a bit steep if they don't have a bit more hockey content (I'd love to...
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    Vaccine certificates I'm not clear if this means for hockey. If it is, it could take save our bacon given the mask compliance issues. Report here suggests it might not affect...
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    Cardiff arena

    Looks like things are moving forward.
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    Devils at mannheim

    I just saw on Twitter that Mannheim are down 4 players due to covid for this week's games.
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    Proposed 5000 seat arena for Manchester Seems crazy to me, given the wealth of venues in the area. If love to see something like this put up, with hockey in mind, somewhere that's been without a team for too long, like...
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    Devils Vs lusanne

    So, in hockey terms, what would people realistically think of as success for tonight's match? For my part, I think scoring a couple and keeping the result within two.
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    Rules question

    I see that we now have a trapzoid behind the goals. Is that just for chl or eihl too? Also, is the puck handling rule the same as the one the NHL uses?
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    IAW and sponsors

    With the rink open today there's video of people enjoying skating on the main rink. Interestingly, looking at the logos on the pad there's no obvious major sponsor, and no space where a logo would obviously go. Also the viola branding hasn't gone from the scoreboard. I hope that the club has...
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    New sponsor

    I see that the club has added as it's official bettng partner. I know that betting has become more closely associated with sport over recent years, but I was surprised by this one. Whilst gaining new sources of cash is good in these difficult times, i have particular views on the...
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    World rankings

    So, GB are now ranked higher than Austria. Imagine what hockey in this country could achieve with the media interest and money that the Austrians get.
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    Glasgow clan

    EIHL rumours are reporting that Glasgow clan will take a pause from hockey until 22-23 season. Obviously, as the name suggests, this is a rumour, but what do people feel the implications would be? Would being down a team affect the profitability of the rest of the league? Having already lost a...
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    All time devils team

    The club is running a poll on this based on era. Early years and superleague era should be pretty much the same both containing Steve Moria, Doug McEwen and Shannon hope. I wonder if anyone other than John Donovan will pick brebant.
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    Heritage Day

    Today is what I like to refer to a heritage Day - the anniversary of the first devils home match. I wasn't there for that, I was at the second game though, and didn't miss much for years after that. It's striking to think how many of our fan base (and the players we had last season) weren't even...
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    Joey Martin interview

    Good to hear Joey's doing well, but he sounds a bit frustrated. Also interesting that Haddad is "off to camp". I'm guessing he's going to turn up in Greenville.
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    Fie adolfson moves on

    Looks like the devils are going to be a very different organisation when things get going again. Good luck to her, on her watch the club have been the best in the league for fan engagement.
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    CHL season cancelled

    I'm not really surprised by this given the number of leagues either cancelled or late starting.
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    Bownsy at Graz

    Not a great first period for bownsy, down 4-3 at the end of the first. TBF defence doesn't really seem to be a thing for either side.