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  1. James


    Some Steelers fans are saying we shouldn’t prejudge and it could be Sudafed, others are saying he’s well known to be a fiend for the old marching powder. So difficult to know what to think
  2. James

    Devils Vs Giants - League - 27th Nov 2021

    I think we had a Belfast game in the tent that didn't start till around 9 or 10pm due to the team or kit being unable to get there on time?
  3. James

    Blaze Vs Devils - League - 28th Nov 2021

    Devils head to the Sponsordome Sunday night (assuming the ice has been laid) to face the Blaze in league action. I think Blaze will have a player or two serving bans but its hard to keep track of their suspensions this season its so frequent?
  4. James

    Devils Vs Giants - League - 27th Nov 2021

    Devils face the Giants Saturday night at the bay. Giants are only a point behind Devils with a game in hand so its all to play for. It's going to be a sell-out and the club are offering a ticket buy back if you cant make it...
  5. James

    Devils v Fife

    I think net-minders are exempt. Storm have brought in a replacement for Ginn. No idea how that works for someone who is sick as it's not injury reserve ?
  6. James

    Flyers Vs Devils - League - 21st Nov 21

    After a disappointing outing to Kirkaldy last time out, Devils will be hoping to make a better game of it this Sunday. Hopefully their day off in Edinburgh wont affect the performance too much. The game will be broadcast live on Premier Sports for those of you with it.
  7. James

    Stars Vs Devils - League - 19th Nov 21

    Devils make their first trip to Dundee tonight to face the Stars in league action, in what was to be a triple header weekend, now shortened to a double due to Glasgows delays in getting their ice down. Kozun will be starting in net with Murdy backing up.
  8. James

    Valdix moves on

    Hes not been registered for them with the Elite so just for the conti cup for now.
  9. James

    All kicking off at dundee

    I suspect we'll see the tariffs increase for repeat offenders. I don't disagree it seems lenient but they do make a thing of it being his first DOPS assessment.
  10. James

    steelers Vs Devils - League - 14th Nov 21

    Highlights. Very enjoyable :D
  11. James

    steelers Vs Devils - League - 14th Nov 21

    I said the same last night. How can you give instigator with a headshot like that. Instigator should be without provocation. It's not retaliation for a previous incident, at that point its a current incident.
  12. James

    steelers Vs Devils - League - 14th Nov 21

    Devils head up to the (checks what its called this week) Utilita Arena in Sheffield to face the steelers in league action. A win would help keep us keep up with the pack, but steelers are looking like the team to beat this season.
  13. James

    Devils Vs Flames - CC - 13th Nov 21

    Unbelievably this Saturdays game is another CC group stage game against the Flames. It seems to have been never ending this season but it is at least the last group game for the Devils and the winner of the game takes the top position in the group. Devils have written up what to expect for the...
  14. James

    Something good is coming?

    Not sure there was room up there after, once the proposed 300 new seats get installed ;)
  15. James

    Flyers Vs Devils - League - 7th Nov 21

    You're never going to win a game if you don't score. Its seldom your goalies fault if you're shut out :D
  16. James

    Flyers Vs Devils - League - 7th Nov 21

    Unfortunately our fanbase has a history of piling on the netminder for any loss. Not on here fortunately. Bowns got loads of unwarranted hassle too. I suspect its one or two individuals.
  17. James

    Flyers Vs Devils - League - 7th Nov 21

    I don't think Assistant Coach necessarily means bench coach. Franny spent time in the stands watching the team when he wasn't on the bench. It might be they feel he can get a different view on the game from the gantry or the like ?
  18. James

    Flyers Vs Devils - League - 7th Nov 21

    Yeah it was Chris Franks uncle who contributed to the forum. Deeds used to write a blog for us.
  19. James

    Flyers Vs Devils - League - 7th Nov 21

    Devils make the long trek to Kirkaldy for Sunday night league action against the Flyers. Really not sure what to expect from this one as Fife have been blowing hot and cold all season.