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  1. Laurenxjayne

    5 Batch Jerseys for sale!

    Batch Swindon Wildcats jersey - £110 Batch warmup jersey - £100 Batch white 14-15 playoff jersey - £70 Batch black (I think it’s 14-15, it’s sponsored Spiros, Fiat and on the front) jersey - £100 Batch black 25th anniversary jersey - £100 Any pics wanted just let me know :)
  2. Laurenxjayne

    Batch jerseys - price reduced :)

    batch helmet - £100 - sold batch warmup jersey - reduced from £130 to £100 batch white 14-15 playoff jersey - reduced from £75 to £70 I have pics available but they’re too large to upload on here so message me for pics :)
  3. Laurenxjayne

    Any green 30th anniversary’s out there?

    Looking to get my hands on a green 30th anniversary if anyone is willing to part with one please!!
  4. Laurenxjayne

    Selling a few jerseys

    Martin 14/15 playoff white jersey - £100 (SOLD) Perre 19/20 game issued red - £50 (SOLD) Pride replica 19/20 XL - £60 (SOLD) Blood 18/19 “3” white jersey L - £60 (SOLD) Thompson 05/06 away jersey replica (it is red tho!) with fight strap XL - £30 Message if you want pics :)
  5. Laurenxjayne

    Selling - 05/06 Jersey

    Size XL 05-06 home jersey with fight strap :) £40 posted (Won’t let me post more than 2 pics so please message if you want to see more)
  6. Laurenxjayne

    *SOLD* Jersey Frame (WANT TO GET RID ASAP PLS)

    I’ve just bought a jersey that had been professionally framed but I have absolutely no room for the frame itself. Just wondering if anyone was interested in buying it to either frame theirs themselves or get someone to do it for you? It’s in perfect condition. Looking for £30. Please DM me if...
  7. Laurenxjayne

    Looking for Dixon gameworns please

    (Posting on behalf of my boyfriend) Just wondering if there’s any Dixon game worns about that anyone wants to part with? Please give me a PM so I can let him know
  8. Laurenxjayne

    Any Josh Batch jerseys out there?

    Just wondering if anyone has a Josh Batch game worn jersey they’re willing to part with? Preferably a normal game worn not testimonial etc but not too fussy Send me a PM and let me know please
  9. Laurenxjayne

    Looking for game worn jerseys

    Hi, I'm looking for game worn jerseys any sizes between L - XXL would be perfect! Thanks