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    I know the club don’t give much away regarding injuries but does anyone know anything of his fitness situation
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    Skaldes case settled

    A settlement has been agreed in the case. Can’t put a link up
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    Is there anywhere that I can find points stats for all Devils games this season?
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    Following a small debate on Brit Dmen on here......

    Just bases his view on points scoring really and doesn't actually compare players. the link is chasingthepuck. com but keeps changing to inferno sorry
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    ECHL play-offs

    Greenville won their first playoff game last night 2-0 at Indy Fuel. They now have 3 games at home and a final game at Indy if necessary. (Best of five) Sam Jardine got voted to the 1st All Star team and Andrew Lord was second in votes for Coach of the Year. Great achievement for his first year...
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    Does anyone have a link to the steeltalk forum as my bookmarked link hasn't worked for a while Thanks
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    Icetime Tv

    Does anyone know if they are covering Sunday's game? Also when they are going to update their website for the new season? Gazza, are you out there? Cheers
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    2 x £15 Tilberg Tickets very CHEAP

    Due to my wife having a fall and an afternoon in A&E today we cannot attend the game tomorrow. We have 2 x £15 tickets that can be emailed that i will sell for the price of us watching the Webcast ( £8 ) Bargain to be had!!!!