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    Pride Jersey Auction

    Great night all-round. Anyone know of the jersey prices? - we left when Waller's was at £400 or so.
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    Devils v Flames - Saturday 19/2/22 - 1x ticket

    Single Silver level ticket available at face value. Block 2, top rows, nice neighbours, good access to stairs (lol) Message me if interested
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    Hang on...Rask what?

    He announces his retirement due to physical issues. But mentioned playing in NI in his statement...WTF? Yes I presume I've just lived under a rock but genuinely I don't normally care for the NHL nor take any interest. Eliteprosepcts has no record of him at Giants...
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    Pride: Presumably I have missed....

    Completely forgot but wasn't Pride Week across the EIHL supposed to be in early January? Presume it was then aborted due to the crowd restrictions here and in Scotland? I note other clubs have had their Pride nights....we haven't had ours have we? As I haven't seen the jersey reveal. Again I...
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    The Forum - being shared elsewhere

    I find it infuriating when people screenshot or quote from this forum on twitter and the like. Usually completely out of context and without any sense of joking or sarcasm. It winds me up that plenty of very decent and balanced posters are tarnished with a perceived brush that the forum has...
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    DoPS- Brust

    Banned for 1 game for 'roughing' - opinions? I find it difficult to reconcile in my head how a player can receive a longer ban for being careless (ill timed check for example) than this - which to me is shocking...
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    Haddad Jerseys Wanted

    Well, kinda.... Saw at the arena tonight a gold Jersey which looked like from the 2016/17 or 2015/16 season? Never seen one before? Likewise if the 2018/19 green jersey (think only Haddad has been made available for sale/raffle during lockdown) I'd be interested
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    Black Jerseys - 2021/22

    Were on sale in the shop tonight presumably - as I saw about 5 around the arena. They were bleeding gorgeous! Told Mrs Devils86 that this year I wouldn't be getting a red or white jersey.... But a black/grey one....
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    CHL - Covid Cases

    Batch and Davies out tonight, along with Skalde and Neil Francis (who has been mentioned by the website as being our assistant coach) Jamie Elson and TK to run the bench tonight
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    Jerseys and last signings....

    Do we think these will be unveiled at a soon to be scheduled Season Ticket holder event? Training session with bar open or similar.
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    It's been so long I can't remember when the fixtures are released? According to Twitter the fixtures meeting was concluded today with a board meeting tomorrow.
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    Looking for Fournier match worn from 2019/2020

    As per the title really...ideally Red but would consider Black as well.
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    Marek Troncinsky

    Very sad to read of the passing of Marek Troncinsky who was at the Orange last season. No idea what to say at times like this other than my thoughts are with those affected.
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    Jersey Identification Assistance

    Absolutely no idea where this jersey has come from... Printed logos, up to date sponsors logos from recent years. A prototype?
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    Wanted: Game Worns

    Standing interest on any Fournier or Linglet jerseys. Other recent players also considered - PM me. Looking to add a Mark Louis Devils Jersey and a Richardson jersey to my collection at some point. In no rush.
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    Mike McNamee....

    I presume I've missed something - he was re-signed and then everything went south obviously.... Released single today. Any news on if he has retired?
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    New jersey for season ticket holders

    Admin please delete if not appropriate for this section Looking for any season ticket holders who won't want to buy the new jersey and would be willing to help a Devil out! PM me. Thanks
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    Never have I ever...

    ...walked up to a random bloke in a pub and given him a proper bear hug shouting “7-3 get in” - should explain that he was wearing a Devils jersey, otherwise that’s just plain odd. Let’s not rest on our laurels though. Tough game Sunday. Let’s make it a double. And then I thought “let’s clam...
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    Pubs in Cardiff showing CC Final

    Evening, So having trawled (briefly) those pubs that have PremierSports I’ve identified a couple that could possibly show the CC game: The Old Arcade - sports bar out the back. Pen & Wig I work near the P&W so have asked them if they are showing it, even if just a single screen. Will update...
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    Challenge Cup Final Tickets: Wanted/For Sale

    Not sure if admin want to try and keep all posts on one thread or whether happy to let people post individually - please delete if desired. However I thought be an idea to comment below if you are genuinely in the market for a CC Final Ticket and how many you would be willing to buy. That way...