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  1. Kevlar68

    Who would you replace

    This was on another thread and liked reading people's choices so thought it needs it's own topic. It's been said 5/6 players needed but who do you think should be replaced, doesn't have to be 5/6 just out of present squad forgetting Carruth as we definitely know he's not back. (Don't include...
  2. Kevlar68

    Brodie Reid - game worn grey jersey for sale

    OK, so, because I want to buy other jerseys I'm selling mine. MVP, top points and top goal scorer Brodie Reid Grey game worn jersey. I have someone who stated they wanted to buy it and they get first option. If that sale doesn't happen I am selling at same price they were happy to pay £600. PM...
  3. Kevlar68

    Why no NHL?

    Ok so i'm just wondering why the UK doesn't get any NHL games live. The reason for asking this is that i've just read that MLB is coming to London. I can understand NFL as they have lots of exposure on British TV but very little in the way of UK league or teams with little fan base for these UK...
  4. Kevlar68

    Continental Cup

    Thought I'd start a thread as it has been mentioned in a another topic. Do we think this is a more realistic chance of winning a European title than being in the CHL? I myself like the CHL and it gives great exposure to the team BUT is it better to be in a competition we have a better chance to...
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    We love it!
  6. Kevlar68

    Asselin 30th anniversary - special edition jersey

    My nephew is selling his Asselin 30th anniversary special edition jersey. 2016/17 winning season. This is from a one off game worn set. Size is an XL £300 Please PM.
  7. Kevlar68

    Are the Devils Cardiffs least appreciated team?

    We are Cardiffs most successful team by far, we sell out most games, yet yesterday in South Wales echo no mention of us going in to playoff weekend BUT glamorgan cricket club (the most shit boring game) in division 2 get an 8th of a page size article about their game. Why are we always overlooked?
  8. Kevlar68

    Myers Testimonial tickets now on sale

    Just in case people missed it or forgot these tickets went on sale yesterday. We got ours.
  9. Kevlar68

    Joey Martin Season worn helmet for sale.

    OK, so reluctantly I am selling my season worn helmet due to not being able to display it anywhere in my house, if i could I wouldn't be selling it and its a waste of a rare piece of GOAT Martin Devils memorabilia just to be closed away in a cupboard. I am looking for £200 ono as Joeys worn...
  10. Kevlar68

    Brodie Reid hits big 30

    Brodie Reid has just matched Joey Martin's best ever goal tally for a season and in 11 less games. Well done Brodie.
  11. Kevlar68

    Looking for a swap.....maybe

    Looking for a swap.
  12. Kevlar68

    Awards night

    I like a good awards night. I remember hosting the one at WNIR in a marquee on the ice pad, different. But why a Monday night? Seems a weird day to have a celebration party.
  13. Kevlar68

    CC final, this could cause problems.

    Released 4 hours ago.
  14. Kevlar68


    Well folks it's that time of year for meeting up with people you try to avoid and receive crap gifts that will sit in the cupboard till next Christmas. On a positive note I wish all Devils fans and Devils Org. a very happy and safe Christmas and hope this one is better than last year and a...
  15. Kevlar68

    Mask wearing/drunks in your block at IAW

    Instead of clogging up topics about games how are we finding the mask wearing in your blocks? Block 4 was very good Saturday but always has been from the people sat around me. Block 5 wasn't so great. 2 women were nursing cups in hand for all 3 periods and never put masks on, just dangled from...
  16. Kevlar68

    Devils at 35 - Wales online article

    Nice little article
  17. Kevlar68

    DOPs are in
  18. Kevlar68

    Shirt sponsorship last night

    Did all shirts get taken? We left after we got the shirt we were hoping to get.
  19. Kevlar68

    Coventry Boxing Day 2021

    I know its a few months away but is there any trips for this in the pipeline? Just trying to plan ahead and get away from the family :D
  20. Kevlar68

    Customized shirts to order

    Anyone looking for any players shirts from previous clubs (apart from European leagues) please PM me with your enquiries. I know someone who sources them out. These are replica shirts not game issue. Here are a few of the shirts i have acquired for supporters in the past. Shirts are all priced...