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    Devils and coach part ways

    Yeah, I do apologise to everyone else
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    Devils and coach part ways

    Think this is the problem mazzoak, you talk about hockey and it actually makes sense. However you seem to always have some sort of agenda against the owners or lord etc. We could win and go invincible for 2 years and you'd say we bought the league, then we lost the next year and you'd say we had...
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    Devils and coach part ways

    Quick search thats one of the examples, the fact others can remember it. Although wait for your usual, but... as if you're some genius
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    Devils and coach part ways

    I know a few of the Americans / Canadians that come over to us pick us because they and their families can speak the language. Any idea anyone if that's the same with the younger brits. Know Dungan did it, just curious
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    Sums it up with you, zero factual evidence just trying to stir up something. I've ignored you for months but jeez, aren't you bored yet
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    Devils and coach part ways

    Sure you said before you're not a fan and the devils just happen to be your local team. You just love to go against the grain and say "it's my opinion", ignore everything actually said and base everything on your own voices in your head to rile a reaction
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    Devils Vs Stars - League - 12th Dec 21

    Didn't they do one against us as part of the triple header? Sure it went to OT 0-0 and we then won
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    EIHL Last Man Standing - v4 | Current Champion - Pondlife

    Fife to beat Manchester Sunday
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    Stars Vs Devils - CC 1/4F - 8th Dec 21

    I think the issue mcnally will have is when he was punching the guy on the floor he caught the ref a couple of times. Not full on and it wasn't intentional but the league I think will come down on that
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    Blaze Vs Devils - CC - 31st Oct 2021

    Think it's normally a Wednesday for the Sunday games
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    Lukko Rauma CHL (6/10/21)

    Any ideas if it's on freesports etc?
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    EIHL Last Man Standing- v3

    Fife to beat Dundee
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    Pre-season tour thoughts

    I suppose the big issue with this would be the cost to the devils. Travel etc would soon rack up, they've often said how expensive the CHL is and that has the benefit of home games. As a fan I would love it though
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    Webcast a go-er.

    I might be in the minority but I don't think 15 quid is too bad, it's still cheaper than a single ticket. If I watch it with my family it's still only 15 quid. I take my family to the game it's 60 quid minimum. Yeah I get the argument you don't get the atmosphere etc but I think the only way to...
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    Devils at mannheim

    Understand a lot of thoughts tonight. But I don't think we've ever been this undercooked for a CHL campaign and to add to that, other than one poster we've always done better so I think as a fan base we've expected to compete more and more each year. The fact we've won a game in the CHL this...
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    Chris Culligan

    Loved culli when he was here, was gutted we didn't get to see more of him
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    Signings for 2021/22 season

    Was there not rumours about O'connor to Guildford last year? Thought they just outbid Sheffield not a case of Sheffield not wanting him
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    Rumoured League Format For 2021/22

    I imagine it would have been communicated with the clubs before they started signing their players. It's not necessarily saying you have to have less brits but by reducing the bench and keeping the import level the same teams will naturally favour imports over brits, hence less brits.
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    Increased activity outside IAW …..

    You saw the flaw in my brilliant plan haha! I hope though that if the rink is open and to fans then so will be the bar. But the offer goes to everyone, I love debates where you can disagree on everything but still have a pint and laugh
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    Increased activity outside IAW …..

    Where did I say it was abusive? Shall we clear it up that I never said that? All I was saying was you called out left wing voters for attacking right wing voters and I said from my experience and yourself calling drakeford, Drakeford it was pot kettle. Now if you were being abusive and I said pot...