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  1. august04

    New Coach.....

    Who would you like to see in charge? I think it will be someone from within the UK/Devils camp given the uncertainty surrounding next season, although I think Chris Culligan might have be an interesting choice. An extremely intelligent player, knows the club and culture here, and has some...
  2. august04

    Devils Vs Blaze - 3 Nov - League

    Very disappointing game tonight. It’s easy to criticise the officiating but that was as bad as it gets, must be so frustrating to be on the end of some of those calls. Mind you, the Devils were awful too, so not totally the fault of the officials. Big game tomorrow, we need to get the win in...
  3. august04


    Anyone know what’s happening there? Aled has today announced that he’s leaving too, following on from Jon Donovan’s announced departure.
  4. august04

    2017/18 Bench Size Confirmed...
  5. august04

    Finnerty not returning to Clan Bad news for the rest of us, they've got a much better chance of winning things now! I wouldn't be surprised to see G In charge there next season....
  6. august04

    Hotham banned for 2 games

    Probably worth of a thread on its own. Very, very harsh but expected no favours from Kirkham and a bitter blow for the CC Semi final.
  7. august04

    Gerad Adams

    Interesting tweet from G. I wonder if we'll see him coaching again in the EIHL anytime soon?
  8. august04

    Tom Murdy

    Take a bow......EIHL player of the week!
  9. august04

    Cam Janssen

    Panthers Twitter states he's been given a new 2 year deal in Nottingham. Good signing for them.
  10. august04

    Paul Bissonnette.......

    .....released by Portland Pirates. ... d-pirates/ Could be interesting!