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  1. Wannabe2

    Panthers on the up.

    With Nottingham signing Omar Pacha I think they will be on the up, Panthers have been on a downer for awhile, but are a club that shouldn’t be in that position. By signing Pacha I reckon they hopefully will be a force to be reckoned with, a strong Panthers team will not only be good for the...
  2. Wannabe2

    Play off shirt auction

    Coughler’s white play off shirt in auction £810 so far with 6 days to go, Brandt £500 so far with 6 days also to go. These shirts are going for huge money.
  3. Wannabe2

    Come on you Stars

    Let’s go Dundee, let’s go. Hope my 2nd favourite team do it today.
  4. Wannabe2

    Devils v Flames

    Devils v Flames, 2nd semifinal. Giants v Stars 1st semifinal. Well played lads let’s do this.
  5. Wannabe2

    Steelers out

    Knocked out of play offs by Dundee.
  6. Wannabe2

    Who’s going tonight - Awards Night

    Awards night who’s going ???
  7. Wannabe2

    Another Cock Up

    As from 9am today individual day tickets for play offs go on sale. What a total bloody farce, and so unfair on fans , it’s a bloody farce.
  8. Wannabe2

    1/4 finals

    Flames or Stars are favourite at moment to face us.
  9. Wannabe2

    Purely Hypothetical ( am just curious )

    Purely hypothetical how many people who have bought Play off tickets, will still go should the Devils god forbid fail to qualify, also who would go for half price tickets under the same scenario. Interesting.
  10. Wannabe2

    Bit of a difference

    On our day we are as good as Belfast who top the league, but this is where we fall away from them. We have played the same amount of games, but this is where we lose it,Giants have scored 37 more goals than us, and conceeded 22 less and that’s a huge difference, they have been more lethal up...
  11. Wannabe2

    Giants Vs Devils - Challenge Cup Final - 16th March 22

    Play as we can and we will take this, anything else and it’s goodnight Vienna. Watching Steelers who are vulnerable themselves take the Giants apart Saturday has to be the momentum we need. When Giants are good they are good, but when they are bad they are very poor, we have taken both Steelers...
  12. Wannabe2

    Glasgow Clan

    Clan had 5 players thrown out for abuse of officials tonight in the game between them and Dundee, and obviously lost.
  13. Wannabe2

    Webcast at Belfast

    Absolute garbage must have a 5 yr old on the camera, certainly won’t be paying for tomorrow.
  14. Wannabe2

    Sundays game

    Two great seats available for Sundays game, text me on 07803496751.
  15. Wannabe2

    Sundays game

    Two great seats available for Sundays game text me on 07803496751
  16. Wannabe2


    Long way to go,lots of games still to play and plenty of time for changes, but this is my stab in the dark for 1/4 finals Giants v Stars Steelers v Flames Devils v Blaze Panthers v Clan. What’s your thoughts ???
  17. Wannabe2

    Steelers lose

    Fife 5 Steelers 3, well played Fife awesome result.
  18. Wannabe2

    Devils v Clan

    2 great seats available together for Sundays game, text or ring me on 07803496751
  19. Wannabe2

    Steelers sign

    Nico Feldner 6ft 1in ,23yr old Austrian forward played 44 games in the ICEHL scoring 10 + 14, has also played 133 games Red bull Salzburg and HC Innsbruck. Mosey will now drop back on D.
  20. Wannabe2

    Stars V Giants

    Very even first period, but 1-0 to Giants end of first.