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    New Panthers coach is ….
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    New Storm Coach is ……
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    EIHL Website howlers …..

    It’s got so bad lately I’m starting a collection. First up this beauty highlighting a lovely new name for the Glasgow Clan:-
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    Inferno calm before the storm ….

    Very quiet on here at the moment, but come Sat/Sun night …… Posts of anger/joy, commiseration/celebration - where did it go right / did it go wrong! Many will be jubilant at success, Mazzoak will be jubilant at any failure and the fault will be laid squarely at Lordo’s door! To be hotly...
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    Carl Hudson

    Retired after finishing the season in Poland. Good player for us who helped get the ball rolling under the new ownership group.
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    Good for (local hockey) ….. And good for Jamie Elson too. Our new farm team ? :-)
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    Ryan Shostak …

    Craig’s son doing fantastic - committed to Brown University (NCAA):- Congrats Ryan! A future Devil in the making?
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    Has anyone ever seen one or worse fallen in one? If you noticed a Rabbit drowning in one, what do you think is the most appropriate rescue method?
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    Block 13 challenge …….

    If only we had a trumpeter and trumbone player …. Great chat here from the fans at Michigan Tech (NCAA team) from 2.20 onwards - love the enthusiasm and fan participation.
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    Increased activity outside IAW …..

    Bring a regular swimmer/gym goer at the International Pool I’ve noticed I’m the last week increased activity outside the rink - now 4-5 vehicles outside the main fort each day. Some air con company was going in there yesterday.
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    Bowns ….

    Rumour on elite prospects he’s off to Slovakia to HK Dukla Trencin.
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    Best Ever Lineup .....

    Ok folks, this one has got me thinking! So we’ve had the best teams from the first decade, super league, EIHL early years and current era. But who makes your All Star lineup out of that lot ???? Here’s a list to choose from:- Netminders: Jeff Smith Derek Herlofsky Stevie Lyle Ben Bowns...
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    Connor McDavid .....

    54 games, 102 points! In the NHL! The NHL !!!!!! (I know this isn’t Devils related, but what a statistic!)
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    Might this pave the way for Ice Hockey ? .....
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    Can't recall if our deal had come to an end with them, but some news regarding them today -
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    CJ Motte - bad news for Wagstaff ...

    Called up into the AHL with Bridgeport Sound Tigers !!!
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    NHL to start in January ....
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    Cardiff Bay “Masterplan” including a 15,000 seater arena!

    News today:- Will it happen though? Who knows!
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    Mike Hedden ....

    Retired today. Played a good solid season for us.