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  1. Gazr76

    Jarrod Skalde Case Mentioned

    Interesting listen on the Steve Dangle Podcast (a well known Toronto Maple Leaf podcast) from back home in Canada. *** Please note this content contains information and details pertaining to the recent sexual assault charges involving the Chicago Blackhawks, Kyle Beach and others. Trigger...
  2. Gazr76

    Past hockey games worth watching

    As we have no live hockey to go and watch I thought it was worth starting a thread for people to post links to other past classic games. Its great that we get a weekly past Cardiff Devils game every Saturday night to watch. But here is the 2010 Winter Olympics hockey final game in full between...
  3. Gazr76

    Which team has been the best?

    As we've got some hockey downtime I was interested in your answers to a question. Since IAW/Viola opened its doors, which Cardiff Devils team do you think has been the best? I think for me it's the team which competed in the 2018-2019 season.
  4. Gazr76

    Random question on old Trophies

    Are all the old Devils Superleague, Heineken league etc trophies still about somewhere? I remember these being in a glass cabinet back in the WNIR in the old days, and I don’t recall seeing them in The Viola anywhere.
  5. Gazr76

    Minor league hockey players job fears article Tom Parisi interviewed in this. Tough times ahead.
  6. Gazr76

    Belfast loose to Storm

    This is going to make tomorrow nights game even more interesting. Come on Devils!!
  7. Gazr76


    Here in Saltzburg. If I ever hear anyone ever say that the ref's in the Elite League are bad ever, ever again. Try watching hockey here. Oh my God.
  8. Gazr76

    Question. King George Old Timers

    A quick question for some of the older folks of the Cardiff Devils. Noticed on ebay a programme from the 1988 Cardiff Devils season when they played a challenge match against The King George Old Timers. Who or what was this about?
  9. Gazr76

    Buying tickets on issue?

    Hi there, Is anyone else having issues trying to purchase tickets on the website? When I click 'Book Tickets' all I get is this error message: This page can’t be found No webpage was found for the web address: HTTP ERROR...